How I landed ‘Papa Shirandula’ role: Jacky Vike


Actress Jacky Vike is known for her hilarious act in the TV sitcom Papa Shirandula.

In a recent interview with a local station, Jacky shared how she landed the role of Awinja, a comical character that portrays wittiness and everyday struggles of house helps.

“I went for an audition and it happened that Charles (Papa Shirandula’s Charles Bukeko) was part of the panel. After the third audition, I passed but then I don’t know what happened to the project.

“Almost a year later, he called me saying ‘I’m not calling you for that role you auditioned for but for Papa Shirandula. I’m giving you a house girl role and she is from Mumias’,” she continued.

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Much to her disbelief, she got the role which she revealed was quite challenging at first.

“I’d done the set books travelling theatre for almost a year, so my new role was quite challenging,” she said.

In the same interview, Awinja went on to caution the youth against being swayed by social media craze but instead work hard for their own success.

“You will never be happy when you are living a lie to please people on social media. Most youths are being misled by what celebrities post on social media, thinking that it is their everyday life.

“Whatever you see on social media is usually not me at all. I’m a totally different person when I’m out of social media. It is what we choose for people to see,” she said.

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