5 Best Movie Streaming Sites in Kenya

MyMoviesAfrica does not charge a monthly subscription fee as most streaming sites do. You rent or own content for a period of time.

5 Best Movie Streaming Sites in Kenya

A movie can come in handy for relaxation after a long day of work, or escaping boredom during long stints of free time.

Binge-watching is rapidly becoming a favorite pastime with the increasing number of movie streaming sites on the internet. Here are the best 10 streaming sites you can enjoy in Kenya;


1. Netflix

    1. Netflix is a globally reputable streaming site that boasts the highest usage in the movie streaming niche.
    2. It is a catalog of the hottest movies and series ever made and offers you multiple episodes and seasons back to back.
    3. Netflix content is, however, segmented with a considerable portion of movies and series available for free.
    4. The rest of the content is classified as “Premium” where you have to part with a standard Ksh.1100 per month subscription fee to access.
    5.  Netflix also allows you to share your monthly access with friends and family by letting 2 other devices log in using your account credentials.
    6. The monthly subscription fee widens the variety from which you can choose.
    7. Netflix has different genres of movies/series, documentaries, animation, and musical content.
    8. Click here to sign in and enjoy Netflix content.
    9. Click here to download the Netflix App.





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2. Showmax

    1. Launched in 2015 in South Africa, Showmax has been fronted as the African version of Netflix.
    2. Its key strategy is streaming local content, making it the ultimate choice for watching local Kenyan content.
    3. The online subscription video-on-demand service offers 14-day free trials for new account sign-ups.
    4. The subscription fee is as low as Ksh. 300, which is enough to take you through 2 months of entertainment.
    5. The Real Housewives of Nairobi and Single Kiasi are the latest sensations on Showmax.
    6. The show is star-studded, attracting famous Kenyan hotties including the veteran socialite Vera Sidika.
    7. Apart from local content, Showmax has the following to offer;
        1. Hollywood Blockbuster movies
        2. Groundbreaking Documentaries
        3. Kids Comedy
        4. Live Sports of Showmax Pro
    8. You need reliable internet with a minimum speed of 5 to 10Mbps to enjoy Showmax.
    9. Live streaming content requires the Showmax Pro payment plan, available from KSh. 1050 a month.
    10. Click here to download the Showmax App.





3. MyMoviesAfrica

    1. MyMoviesAfrica is the home of African films with a variety of movies created throughout the continent.
    2. MyMoviesAfrica does not charge a monthly subscription fee as most streaming sites do.
    3. The arrangement at MyMoviesAfrica is to rent or own content for a period of time.
    4. This means you pay only for what you watch, the individual movie or piece of content.
    5. You can pay via Safaricom BONGA Points or M-PESA in Kenya.
    6. Some of the remarkable Kenyan movies on the platform include Lost in Time created by FilmLab Kenya.
    7. Joining is free.
    8. Click here to download the MyMoviesAfrica App and rent movies.





4. YouTube 

    1. YouTube is the go-to platform for many people when it comes to informative, educative, and entertaining content.
    2. The numerous YouTube channels by creators both local and foreign, serve as an infinite reservoir of content to browse.
    3. YouTube is particularly ideal for streaming short episodes of various hard-hitting comedy and lifestyle shows.
    4. YouTube is also unrivaled in its wealth of exceptional documentaries and educative content.
    5. Described as the mighty online university, YouTube seemingly has just everything you wish to lay your eyes on.
    6. Click here to access and stream content on YouTube.



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5. Amazon Prime Video

    1. Prime Video is a streaming site by Amazon that features Amazon Original Movies as well as other popular TV shows.
    2. Amazon Prime is now riding high for landing a top series Jack Ryan that is streamed exclusively on the platform.
    3. Prime Video subscription is highly affordable in Kenya going for Ksh. 560 per month.
    4. Amazon Prime also offers a 7-day free trial for new users.
    5. You can enjoy it from the web or with the Prime Video App on your phone, tablet, or select Smart TVs.
    6. Like Netflix, you can share your connection/account with up to 3 devices at once.
    7. You can as well watch offline on the Prime Video App when you download content to your iPhone, iPad, Tablet, or Android device.
    8. Click here to download the Prime Video App.