Kate Actress forced to apologize for careless comments on anti-Finance Bill demos

As nationwide protests against the unpopular bill hit high gear, social media has become a key battleground as influential figures face intense criticism for their double-speak.

Top Kenyan female creative Kate Actress. Picture/Courtesy

Kate Actress forced to apologize for careless comments on anti-Finance Bill demos


Key takeaways

    1. After a relentless onslaught on comedian Butita, Kenyans on social media turned their attention to Kenyan actress Catherine Kamau.
    2. Kate Actress as she’s famously known was in the company of fellow actor Eddie Butita in a high-profile trip to the United States.
    3. The high-flying film stars traveled as part of President William Ruto’s delegation during his state visit to the United States of America.
    4. Kate Actress’ recent social media controversy comes from this state visit and the raging Finance Bill 2024 debate.



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Kate Actress’ showdown with fans on Instagram

Like many other Kenyans online, Kate Actress took to Instagram to air her disagreement with the now-controversial Finance Bill 2024.

Her post was swiftly met with furious comments from Instagram users.

One user called her out for not voicing her resentment in person to the president while in the United States.

Another user blamed her for contributing to the misuse of public funds by participating in the President’s trip.

However, the “Mother-in-law” actress did not take the comments kindly, to which she retorted; “You don’t have that kind of money please!”

Below are screenshots showing the actress’ war of words with disappointed Kenyans:




Kate’s remarks implied that disgruntled Kenyans on Instagram couldn’t possibly have funded her trip to the US, sparking a backlash of harsh comments from netizens.




Kate Actress’s Unexpected Date with Kenyans on Twitter

Kenyans on X (KOX) soon took over from the Instagram legion, attacking the talented actress non-stop.

The ‘ungovernable’ X users threw shades at her acting career.

To double down on the onslaught, KOX dug into her private life. Unsolicited opinions of her much-publicized marriage with the high-flying film director Director Phil surfaced online.

As has been the trend in this electrifying anti-Finance Bill 2024 protest cycle, Kate’s number was also shared online for people to ‘greet’ her.

The wrath of Kenyans on Twitter was swiftly escalated when calls for boycotts on Harpic and Nice & Lovely emerged.

Kate’s acting prowess and huge following on social media recently earned her mouth-watering endorsement deals with the brands.



Kate Actress’s endorsement deals with Harpic and Nice & Lovely have become hot discussion topics on X, following her insensitive comments on the public funds. Picture/Courtesy



Kate Actress’s Damascus moment

Following the sustained retaliation for her apparent dismissiveness of the economic struggles facing many Kenyans, Kate actress apologized.

In a widely circulated remorseful statement, Kate Actress apologized publicly for her insensitive sentiments.

The talented actress acknowledged that she should have acted more respectfully, and pledged loyalty to the popular cause.

Kate actress, however, maintains her rejection of the punitive Finance Bill 2024.

This is evident from her social media pages, which are awash with anti-Finance Bill posters.



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Kate Actress’s alleged public apology. Picture/X




As nationwide protests against the unpopular bill continue, social media has become a crucial battleground where influential figures face intense criticism for double-speak.