Why you could soon stop seeing Mr. Bean comedy

Mr. Bean could well be out of your view for good before long. Here is why

Why you could soon stop seeing Mr. Bean comedy
Why you could soon stop seeing Mr. Bean comedy [Photo/ Courtesy]

In Brief

– Celebrated online comedian Rowan Atkinson alias Mr. Bean has hinted at quitting his role in his popular art.

– The witty character termed the role as “stressful.”

Popular online comedian Rowan Atkinson has come out to confess that playing the role of Mr. Bean in his fanatically followed comedy series is “unpleasant and stressful.” The British actor who has thrilled fans for long in the industry, says it is not all rosy bringing the character out.

Mr. Rowan was speaking to Radio Times where he expressed frustration at the exhaustive nature of his work. Further, the actor revealed that he found it easier to perform the Mr. Bean character vocally as opposed to visual acting.

”I don’t much enjoy playing him. The weight of responsibility is not pleasant. I find it stressful and exhausting, and I look forward to the end of it.” Rowan said.

Rowan is rumored to be in the middle of developing an animated movie, which is anticipated to be the last in the line of his acting career before he hangs his boots.

Rowan said further revealed that he has got no regrets, terming the Mr. Bean character “a huge success.”