Revealed! Intrigues of Jalango’s ‘secret relations’ with Anyiko Owoko

Comedian Jalang'o and PR Master Anyiko Owoko
Comedian Jalang'o and PR Master Anyiko Owoko

PR buff Anyiko Owoko has made public scantly available details of her close relationship with Milele Radio presenter and comedian Felix Oduor alias Jalang’o. In a social post, Anyiko fondly recalls how she met Jalang’o at KBC headquarters in Nairobi where she was serving her internship program.

In what she called an “appreciation post” Anyiko on Thursday beautifully described Jalang’o’s big heart, reminiscing how he cultivated the norm of buying her lunch and dropping her to wherever her destination called within a very brief time of them meeting and knowing each other.

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“I won’t forget when I used to walk along the streets of Kijabe and Harry Thuku, between university and KBC hustles. Every single day or time, I bumped into Jalas (who at the time was running his theatre company based at KNT), he would ask me if I had eaten lunch. Those days I was broke AF and strangely honest, I would just say NO and to my surprise, always, he would give me money to go buy lunch or take me out, and even drop me where I was going and then go on to encourage me to continue working hard, etc”, reads part of the post.

Jalang’o was quick to react to the post saying that he will soon give his side of the story, hailing Anyiko as a determined and hardworking girl.

“I met my sister @anyikowoko and she wanted to paka me with makeup!! My white shirt!! 15 years of friendship and counting!! One day I will tell you the story of a young girl interning at KBC with nothing but dreams…see you today!!” Wrote Jalang’o.

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