How to send money to any other bank account from Equity

How to send money to any other Bank Account from Equity

Equitel is a new revolutionary platform that helps you manage your money and communicate with more Freedom, Choice, and Control. Equitel provides tools and features that enable you to perform all your financial transactions as well as make calls, send SMS and browse the internet.

How to send money to any other bank account

  1. Go to your Equitel Menu
  2. Select My Money
  3. Select Send /Pay
  4. Select Account
  5. Select To Others
  6. select Other Bank
  7. Select Lookup Bank Codes
  8. Enter the first letter or keyword of the other bank
  9. Enter Bank code
  10. Enter the recipient’s account number
  11. Enter the recipient’s Name
  12. Enter the recipient’s phone number
  13. Enter Amount
  14. Confirm details
  15. Enter your PIN
  16. You will receive a confirmation SMS

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