Woman’s lips burst after swelling up

Mikaylas swollen lips photo/SDG

Woman’s lips burst after swelling up

A woman’s lips swelled up and burst open after a lip- filler treatment went wrong.

The woman Mikayla from Australia, wanted to emulate her friends who were all having the lip filling treatment and so she went to get it done.

The procedure was done at a Laser clinic outlet in Australia. After the procedure, Mikayla

‘s lips started swelling up and became painful leading to the burst.

Doctors say that the filler was injected into the arteries ,in the botched procedure and she was lucky to still have her vision.

Professor Mark Ashton, the former president of the Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons says that if the filler had gone up into her face, up along the nose and into the eyes, she would have been rendered blind instantly.

The clinic however denies any wrong doing and claims that they are licensed to offer such services.