Good creative skills are essential for the specialized fields of fashion design and dressmaking. Consequently, it is important to have a comprehensive understanding of the industry and be able to apply acquired skills in a theoretical and practical manner.

One of the Gold Coast’s premier online learning and correspondence course providers, suggests that in order to be a good fashion designer or dressmaker you need to be able to:

a. Understand fashion trends, clothing ranges and colour groups.

b.  Learn Know how patterns work – flat patterns, commercial patterns, tracing patterns and pattern blocks – read patterns, choose pattern sizes and have basic pattern alteration knowledge.

c. Have knowledge on the range and quality of the many fibres and fabrics available today – natural and man-made fibres, fashion fabrics, modern developments and special fabrics – which will have a large bearing on your creations.

d.  Be familiar with the tools and equipment necessary for good dressmaking: scissors, tape measure, pins, machine needles, hand needles among others.

Here are  Kenya’s top Fashion Designers 2019

  1. Vivo Activewear

In 2009, Wandia Gichuru decided to quit her high-flying career as an international development advisor and return to Kenya.

After 20 years working for various international banks and development institutions like Citi Bank, World Bank and the Department for International Development, she no longer found life moving from one country to another thrilling.

Vivo Activewear  is a Kenya-based clothing retailer operating eight stores in major malls in Kenya, having started out with one shop in 2011 at the Junction Mall in Nairobi.

  1. M+K Nairobi

The colors of the hummingbird, and the rich tones of earth and sky serve as pillars of inspiration for Spring/Summer 2017.

The collection engages handcrafted elements from thread-on embroidery to beadwork, playfully enhancing the leather material.

For our first collection, we have collaborated with Nairobi-based artisans (embroiderers, hand-bead and leather workers). Each has lent their skills to produce a collection of high quality and craftsmanship. The leather crop- top and leather skirt are core pieces for our spring collection, their minimal silhouettes are key to M+K Nairobi’s aesthetic DNA. This is a collection of ease, adaptability and modern femininity.

  1. Fiona Kay

Fiona Kay is a Ready to wear Brand established on the principles of creative arts, sophisticated construction techniques and intricate detailing.

Collections comprise of themed designs meticulously put together hence surprising you every season.

​Every Collection tells a story, every piece is an epitome of couture workmanship and every fabric is a character

  1. Nairobi Apparel District

If you’re looking to elevate your look with a punk twist and custom paintwork on denim, look no further. The Nairobi Apparel District is the place to shop for your outermost fashionable outfits. Not one of their pieces is like the next, which is a win in our books. You can actually custom make a design, win.

  1. Miss Angelsmile

Miss Angel Smile is Wambui Kibue’s brainchild, her pieces are fun and feisty and are sure to leave you feeling special. Her passion for fashion led her to study fashion in Milan. One of the great things about working with Wambui is your piece is sure to be uniquely yours – perfectly fitting garments custom made to your preference

  1. Ikojn

Ikojn gained a lot of international recognition since displaying their collection at the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week 2016 in Johannesburg. Cris has studied fashion design, so you can rest easy knowing her items are designed with passion – she is somebody who knows clothes.

  1. Zuri Kenya

In Swahili, mzuri, the inspiration for their name, means good. Plain and simple, Zuri strive to embody this ethos in everything that we do.

Walking on Sunshine

Recognizing the place in the long history of textile production on the African continent and globally, Zuri Kenya are committed to creating a business ecosystem that is respectful of culture and tradition, focused on fair and equal practices, and contributes to the growth of truly sustainable economies.

  1. Ichyulu

Ichyulu (ee・chew・lu) is derived from “Chyulu Hills” which means “Spotted Hills” and is a mountain range in Eastern Kenya.

Ichyulu is an online concept store offering select edits from African designers which is based in Nairobi, Kenya. As a lover of African fashion, Ichyulu was set up to provide a platform that would connect designers with potential consumers and serve as an alternative distribution channel.

Ichyulu’s focus is to provide a curated retail experience for those who seek unique pieces to match their individual style. Part of our ethos is to celebrate the diversity of African fashion through showcasing the use of local materials, custom prints and craftsmanship.