Three more counties Kisumu, Kericho and Transnzoia reject punguza mzigo bill

Third Way Alliance leader Ekuru Aukot

Three more counties Kisumu, Kericho, Transzoia reject punguza mzigo bill

Three more counties have rejected Ekuru Aukots punguza mzigo bill.

This comes after 18 counties rejected the bill. This is a big blow for Aukot as he requires more than half of the 47 counties to approve the bill.

The MCAs in the respective counties termed the proposal to be unrealistic, retrogressive and difficult to implement.

If he doesn’t meet the required threshold of county Assemblies, then his referendum bid dies.

The campaign proposes to amend the constitution of Kenya 2010 under the initiative as envisioned in Article 257.

Aukots reasons to amend the Constitution is to push for the 47 counties  to be used as a single constituency unit for the parliamentary election for the senate and the national government.

He is also calling for the reduction of the cost of running parliament from the current 36.8billion to 5billion per year.

The punguza mzigo bill also aims at the reduction of the number of MPs elected from the current 416 to 147.