How to sell your Tickets online via Mookh.


How to sell your Tickets online via Mookh.

About Mookh

MOOKH. very simply helps you sell online they do this by powering your website and/or social media pages to be able to sell Products, Tickets, Digital Content or collect Donations.

MOOKH. helps YOU sell to your consumers directly from your point of initial contact. Through our seamless website and social media integration, we offer an efficient, cost-effective and convenient way to sell, allowing maximum online presence.

How does Mookh ticketing work?


Go to to sign up and register.


Once an account is created and verified, you gain access to a backend
a dashboard that allows you to be in full control.


From the backend, a user can create multiple stores within three categories i.e. Tickets, products, and digital content


Once the store is set up create your event(s) under 4 different ticketing categories i.e. Conference, Movie/Theater, Sports & Entertainment.


Set the tickets you would like to make available and the specific details for each ticket. Each event can have more than one ticket.


Once the event is set up you have a full view of your event and real-time
updates on the progress of sales. You can manage/edit your event details
and tickets at any time as per your specification.

Some of the Backend Features you have access to are:

View Orders – Allows you to see all transactions related to your event in real-time.
Manage Agents – Set individuals as agents to your event, to allow for pre-sale of tickets or validation of bought tickets at the door on the day of the event.
Complimentary Tickets – Manage all your complimentary tickets, vendor passes etc. directly from the backed, ensuring that you have an exact track of what tickets went where, and how or when they are used.
Promo Codes – Set Promo Codes that can be issued to various promotion partners, to measure the impact of the campaigns. This can also be set to give discounts e.g. for tickets bought on Sunday between 1 pm and 5 pm.
Connect to your website – At the click of a button, the system will give you a quick embed code that you can use to integrate the event on your website which allows your consumers to buy directly from you.
Maintain a Database – with MOOKH you are able to maintain a database of your clients that you can then engage with post-event or reactivate for your next event.
Schedule Tickets – You can schedule your tickets and how you want them to roll out and when you want them deactivated.