How to save phone battery power.

How to save phone battery power.

Imagine getting caught in an emergency in a deserted surrounding and not being able to call for help because your battery died. Well, we have all found ourselves in situations where we were seriously inconvenienced because our phone battery was at 1%.  We all know that one of the many reasons our batteries drain quickly is the way we have calibrated our devices. See the power saving tips below, and who knows when they might save your day!!

  1. Turn off features not in use

Features such as blue tooth, GPS, wifi, and NFC are embedded chips that consume battery power every time they are running. To save your battery power, make sure they are turned off every time you are not using them.

  1. Dim your screen

Brightly lit screen consume power. To save power, dim your screen. You can also put your screen on auto brightness. This way your screen adjusts itself to the optimal level for use saving battery.

  1. Turn off vibration

Unless you are in a meeting, hospital, church or any other place of the sort, always stay off vibration mode. You would rather use your ringtone. A ringtone is just a tiny vibration on your phone speaker compared to an entire phone shaking.

  1. Turn off unnecessary notifications

Other than sometimes being a nuisance and a distraction, too many notifications consume your battery power so be sure to keep them off and only turn on the most critical ones.

  1. Enable power saving mode

Many devices come with a power saving mode. When turned on, power saving mode uses minimal power making sure your battery lasts longer. Look for it under your device power settings and keep it on.