10 Top Job Listing Websites in Kenya

Sites like Fuzu and Brighter Mondays make your job search much easier, and project you to bigger pools of employers.

10 Top Job Listing Websites in Kenya


“Tarmacking” is a common slang especially in Kenyan urban centers. It refers to job searching which has become more challenging, as the economy tightens its noose on the citizenry.

The ‘Tarmacking effect’ has, however, been reduced by emergence of job search websites. We have compiled a list of the Top 10 job listing websites in Kenya, which are as follows:



1. Fuzu Kenya

    1. Fuzu is arguably the best job search platform in Kenya.
    2. Fuzu Kenya offers all-round assistance to job seekers by not only connecting them to employers, but also empowering them.
    3. On Fuzu, you can get vital networking skills where you interact with people, fellow job seekers and employers alike.
    4. Apart from helping you build an attractive profile, Fuzu Kenya can generate for you a Curriculum Vitae/Resume.
    5. Relevant daily vacancy notifications sum up the quality of the site.
    6. Job-applications on Fuzu Kenya generally take just minutes to complete, since your profile is auto-filled.
    7. Employers can also recruit superb talents and professionals from Fuzu Kenya.
    8. Click here to register on and access Fuzu Kenya.
    9. Fuzu Kenya applications are free of charge.




2. Brighter Monday Kenya

    1. Waking up on a Monday morning to again hit the road in search of a job is draining.
    2. Brighter Monday Kenya seeks to erase the gloom, by giving you an array of chances at the convenience of your screen.
    3. Brighter Monday Kenya has designated portals for both employers and job seekers.
    4. You can locate a job of your choice using the multiple filters like job location and industry.
    5. Brighter Mondays Kenya also has a Curriculum Vitae developing feature to boost your job search.
    6. For employers, Brighter Mondays Kenya operates with a promise of assisting you to get the right talent/professional at a fee you can afford.
    7. Visit the Brighter Mondays Kenya to sign-up and get a job
    8. As an employer, click here to find your suitable employee on Brighter Mondays.




3. Career Point Kenya

    1. Career Point Kenya is a job search website which has the following services;
      1. connecting job seekers to opportunities.
      2. Advertising of vacancies by prospective employers.
      3. Curriculum Vitae (CV writing)
    2. Career Point Kenya has a wide range of categories one can choose from.
    3. These categories are created around career lines and job locations.
    4. The Career Point Kenya categories include; banking, Graphics and design, legal, media among many others.
    5. Job locations featured on Career Point Kenya include; Nairobi, Mombasa, Kisumu, Nyeri, Nakuru, Thika and Eldoret.
    6. Click here to sign-up and search for jobs/employees on Career Point Kenya.




4. My Jobs in Kenya

    1. My Jobs in Kenya is a great site for job searches.
    2. It is among the most visible job search sites in Kenya, thanks to its aggressive outreach strategy.
    3. My Jobs in Kenya acts as a point of convergence between job seekers and prospective employers.
    4. Click here to view, sign up and get jobs on My Jobs in Kenya.
    5. Click here to post your job and get an available professional to work with.




5. The Networked Pros

    1. The Networked Pros is a job searching site in Kenya which assists both job seekers and employers.
    2. It has a well-organized search function with filters that include job industry and country.
    3. While it gives you featured vacancies on the go, The Networked Pros also gives you daily job alerts for free.
    4. You only need to provide your full name, phone number and email address at the Alerts section.
    5. Click here to sign up for The Networked Pros.




6. MyJobMag Kenya

    1. MyJobMag is a job search site in Kenya, with its services extending to Ghana, Nigeria and South Africa.
    2. It provides space for job seekers as well as companies and businesses to connect.
    3. MyJobMag Kenya displays authentic job adverts from recruiters to be viewed by candidates.
    4. In the same vein, professional information of job seekers is shared with employers to connect them to opportunities.
    5. The services on the site are free.
    6. Click here to sign up on MyJobMag Kenya.




7. Bestjobs Kenya

    1. Bestjobs Kenya is a highly interactive site which provides a link between job candidates and employers.
    2. The site has free registration, as well as customized alerts where you create alerts and they notify you.
    3. The people or entities wanting to hire also post offers for free on this site.
    4. It is important to note that Bestjobs Kenya does not participate in the candidate selection process.
    5. You can also get CV writing assistance from the Bestjobs Kenya platform.
    6. Click here to sign-up for Bestjobs Kenya.




8. Careerjet Kenya

    1. Careerjet Kenya is a site which provides a link between job candidates and employers.
    2. The people or entities wanting to hire also post offers on this site.
    3. It has a well-organized search function with filters that include job tittle and location.
    4. You can upload your CV to boost your chances of landing a job on the platform.
    5. Click here to sign in and do job searches on Careerjet Kenya.




9. Summit Africa

    1. Summit Africa is a job search site with operations in Kenya and South Africa.
    2. It provides outsourced recruitment services for business start-ups as well as international mass recruitment.
    3. Summit Africa also has a candidate’s job board where you can locate your desired job.
    4. You are advised to upload your CV to boost your chances of being identified by your employer.
    5. Click here to register on Summit Africa.




10. Advance Africa

    1. This site exclusively contains job announcements.
    2. Its usually long lists of offers are updated on a daily basis.
    3. It also features scholarships for professionals who want to further their studies.
    4. Click here to view job vacancies on Advance Africa.




Take time to check out any of these sites, to get your boots a well deserved scale-down of wear and tear. Godspeed!