How to Replace a Safaricom SIM Card-Self help

Once in a while you may need to replace your Safaricom SIM card for a number of reasons. You may have lost your phone, damaged your SIM card or just need the new 4G SIM card. Whichever your reason, there is now a faster convenient way to replace your Safaricom line  without having to visit an Mpesa agent, Safaricom Shop or a dealership.

There are  two techniques of replacing a Safaricom line by yourself without a visit to an Mpesa shop or Safaricom shop.

What you need 

  • Safaricom SIM replacement card
  • Old Original PIN-the PIN on the card
  • Your old phone number
  • Active Mpesa Account

Safaricom SIM Swap/Replacement (do it yourself)


  • Insert the new SIM card into your phone
  • Dial *180*1*Phone no.*Original Pin*IMSI#

Example; Mobile Phone no-0741***3, Pin-0022

  • *180*1*074353***3*0022*IMSI#

(Note:  this process will take sometime)

Safaricom SIM Swap/Replacement (Customer care)


  • Call customer care on 100, Chat Safaricom or  Tweet- Twitter works much faster
  • They will ask questions to identify you
  • Mention the serial number of the new SIM card
  • Mention other details such as PIN and mobile phone number