How to join Linda Jamii in-patient and outpatient health care

Linda Jamii -an affordable in patient and out patient health care is launch by Britam , Safaricom and  Changamka MicroInsurance . Anyone with an MPESA account can sign up for the health insurance policy and pay premiums via M-PESA. The insurance enables the policy holder to get health care in 630 ‘second-tier’ or relatively affordable private hospitals around the country (List of hospitals).

Linda Jamii, for Ksh1,000 ($11.7) per month, or Ksh12,000 ($141) annually, users and their families are entitled to:

  • Out-patient benefits worth Ksh50,000 ($588) per year including
    • Dental and optical
  • Inpatient benefits worth Ksh200,000 ($2,352) per year.
  • Cash payment of KSh500 ($5.8) per day for every day one is admitted in hospital, with a limit of 60 days.
  • Funeral expense of Ksh 40,000

Significantly, the policy has no exclusions on any pre-existing chronic conditions such as diabetes, HIV/Aids, hypertension or tuberculosis.

Just dual *525# to subscribe!

How is this different from NHIF?

NHIF does not cover out patient and DAILY HOSPITAL CASH BENEFIT.

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