How to live a happier life

How to live a happier life

You will never know what it means to be happy until you are sad and depressed.  Until you have been at your very lowest is when you can appreciate and value happiness.

Most of us are temporarily happy as we know not how to maintain the happiness and spread it across every sphere of our lives.  To live a happy life is easy yet challenging because of the many external factors in our lives and the fact that life is a journey with many phases.

We depend on people and things to be happy; our spouses, jobs, friendships, kids, hobbies, lots of things while the truth is happiness is a state of mind. You choose to be happy regardless of loss, difficult situations and challenges.  Please take note that happiness has nothing to do with money.  In fact, most rich people are not leading happy lives yet they have money to take them to the most exotic places in the world.

How then can we lead a happier life?

Love yourself

Be in love with yourself, everything about yourself. It is only through loving yourself that people learn how to love you.  Loving yourself makes you happy. Most times that we feel happy are the times we feel loved; love is happiness

Be thankful

Adopt a life of gratitude. Be thankful to God for who you are and what you have. There are many who wish to be in your position. Stop complaining about everything. Your job might not be paying you so well but at least you have a job.

Learn to say thank you, you are not entitled to anything so be grateful.

Love what you do

I know people who are depressed and bitter because they hate their jobs and they don’t have the guts to quit. What kind of life is that?

Do only that which you love and enjoy doing. Be willing to step out and work towards living your dream for the sake of your happiness.

Adopt a positive attitude

In life, attitude is everything. With that in mind, work on your mindset. Think positively, live positively.

Read books on personal development, watch videos that inspire you and push you to be a positive person. Choose to see the glass half full in all situations and you will see a big difference in your life. Nothing will stress you and make you sad

Work hard and play harder

Work hard, work smart and then play harder. Enjoy the fruits of your labor. Take a vacation every year, travel and see the world. It’s a beautiful place. Spoil yourself with the finest things in life that your earnings can afford. Work for your comfort, work so that you can afford luxuries for yourself regardless of the responsibilities you have.

I have met so many friends who are so miserable because they work so hard only for others to enjoy. They work for bills, for kids, parents yet they cant afford to even buy themselves a decent pair of shoes.

You will be bitter in the end to invest in yourself.


Be assertive

Stop being a pushover. Learn to say no when you are not comfortable with anything. It does not mean you are a mean person but that you are being assertive.

Its okay to inconvenience others, but not yourself to please others.

Learn to speak your mind. If you are offended just speak up and clear the air. That way you will not harbor any bitterness.

Forgive times without count

Forgive seventy times seven times. The bible is very clear on that.

Do not keep score, do not keep anger in you and do not be bitter. Forgive and let go. It does not necessarily mean that you have to keep being in contact with the person who has offended you.

The person who hurts most is you if you don’t forgive.

Keep your circle small and tight

If you think life is tough, trying having a bunch of fake friends. You will live a miserable life. And that include relatives who only look for you when they have problems.

Build healthy meaningful relations with few friends. We don’t need tons of friends, we need real friends who will make life easier. People whom you can be yourself around them, who lift you up when you are down and who are genuinely happy for your progress. Even one genuine friend is enough.

Surround yourself with people who share in your vision, values, beliefs, and craziness all in one. People who love life and are always optimistic.

 Spend quality time with those you love, make merry and spread the love.



Be adventurous

Go out there and try new things; can be food, a new hanging joint, professional course. Don’t lead a boring life. Be spontaneous, be a risk taker in life. It makes life so exciting and worth it.  You will have lots of interesting stories to tell your children and grandchildren. And lots of great lessons too.

Practice affirmations

Every day, before you go to sleep remind yourself how good you are, how beautiful you are, hardworking, intelligent; every good quality in you. Repeat that again every morning. You don’t have to believe it,  just say it and your mind will slowly program itself into believing.

You are your biggest fan, so go ahead and spoil yourself silly with affirmations. Create a life in you by telling yourself what you are and what you want to be.

Eat healthily

It is quite impossible to be happy when you are in pain or discomfort because you are unwell. Practice clean eating to build your health. They say you are what you eat. So eat your way to happiness.

 Give more than you receive

There is joy in giving; giving without expectations. Reach out to those in need and bless them with what you have. It could even be just a listening ear or a word of encouragement to give hope.

See, it’s not difficult to lead a happier life. It just takes a decision and the rest will follow.


Daisy Chepkoech is a Freelance Blog Writer, Social Media Manager and Trainer. She is also the Marketing Director at Dake Business Solutions.  Daisy holds a Bachelors degree in Communication and Media Technology from Maseno University.