How to find a good nanny in Kenya

How to find a good nanny in Kenya

Nanny aka House girl, mboch, House manager, Domestic Manager(DM), whatever name you are comfortable refereeing them to is a story to tell. If you are a mom who has hired a nanny in Kenya before then you know the drama that comes with them. Every day there is always a friend complaining of their nanny.

These are people we really would love to stay without but we just can’t. I for one, I have hired over 20 for the last 8years yet I know a friend who has had just 2 and another lost count.

We love them because they come with the convenience of having someone look after your children and your house when you leave for work or just step out. Even stay at home mums need a house help to help out with house chores and the baby.

However, getting a good reliable nanny is almost impossible. You might find 1 out of 10 who is good with housework, good with the babies and is reliable and committed to her work. Some come just to pass time as they earn. While some are drama to the end.

Inquire from your networks

Looking for a nanny can be such a hectic job. Most of us don’t know where to find a good nanny.  With the many reports of nannies stealing households and babies, it is important to know how best to find one.

Start your search from friends, family and your other networks that way you can get referrals from people who already know her. Remember, this is a stranger you are bringing into your house and entrusting her with your most precious jewel, your baby.  Let her be someone who can be traced in case of anything.  It’s hard to tell with nannies, one day they are angels and the next you are left wondering who you had in your house.  I would discourage you from starting your search at the bureau unless otherwise. Look for recommendations on the bureaus to deal with because most are rogue bureaus, they put the love of money before their client’s needs. Some are just in the business of circulating the same nannies. If you have noticed, most nannies from bureaus don’t stay for long. I also noted that they don’t run background checks; they take in just anyone interested in the job. And the way some charge crazy recruitment fees to the employer.

Interview before work

Before they report to work, make a point of taking them through the interview so that you can ascertain if they are a right match. Just the same way other employers do. Most of us, ask them to come to work then interview them once they report. Some of the areas you want to touch during the interview include:

  • Their education level
  • Their family background
  • Their experience and they should provide a reference
  • Housekeeping skills
  • Basic cooking skills
  • If they can handle babies
  • Ask for their identification cards and contact person in case of anything

Asking the right questions will help you make a clear decision. However, most will lie so make a point of asking again a different way or at a later time.

Draw up a contract

Once you have agreed on everything and you have hired her, draw up a simple contract for them to append. Make sure that it stipulates her job description, off days, and her monthly remuneration. Also, state bonuses if any and termination terms.

Pay her accordingly

The best thing you can do is to pay her what she deserves. Housework is no joke, it is very tiring so compensate her well. The law requires that you pay a minimum of KSh 8,580 for those in the cities, Ksh 7, 916 for those in municipalities and Ksh 4, 577 in other areas. However, the pay is an agreement between the two of you. You might be paying her less but you take care of all her other needs like salon, airtime, toiletries and her transport during her off days.

Treat her well, as you would like to be treated.

Being your house help does not mean that you treat her as a stranger. This is someone who helps you manage your home and take care of your kids. Be kind to them, mindful and warm to them. Stop demeaning her, quarreling and insulting her, chances are very high she will mistreat your children. Let them be happy and comfortable at your home. Correct them, guide them and give them room to make mistakes and learn.

Ensure that there is open communication between you two.

Empower your nanny

Most of these girls were not fortunate enough to further their studies but would love to make something out of their lives. When the workload is not too much like when kids are in school, you can enroll her for a short course like fashion and design, cooking classes, hair and beauty and so on. Also teach them life skills life financial management, how to save and invest and importance of joining Saccos and Chama. Most have no one to guide them and advice them.

 Tips on How to maintain a nanny for Long

  • Familiarity breeds contempt so don’t engage them so much in conversations especially personal talks
  • Clearly state your house rules and expectations
  • Keep and maintain your boundaries and let them know their limits for respect to dwell
  • Give clear instructions
  • Pay on time

However much you try to maintain a nanny, it comes a time when you have to let go. Try to end her tenure in a very amicable way. You can give her a notice but only if she is not the dramatic kind and you are sure she will still perform her duties without causing any harm.  To show appreciation, you can help her find a good place to work from your friends and family. Pay her extra as part of the termination package.