How to Create a Blog for Free and Make Money in Kenya

Blogging is one of the industries that has attracted many talented writers to start self-hosted blogs. It is interesting to note that one can now start their own blog with no capital and skills. This has been made possible by an array of tools that have been developed and made available for free. As a result, it is now easier to become a commercial blogger than it was the case a few years ago. Many blogging tools such as WordPress offers its users powerful tools to start and market their blogs at no cost. Even then, bloggers stand a chance to earn sufficient capital by producing good reading materials. 

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Free Vs. Purchased Domain Name

To get started with a free blog, one needs a hosting and domain name. Free domain names are now available but offers little account control to their clients. For this reason, it is advisable to purchase a domain name which comes with full personalized name with minimal restrictions. There are several methods of making money online through self-hosted blogs as compared to free hosted blogs. Hostgator is one of the most popular website domain seller with a wide range of personalized domain plans.

How to Earn Money with a Blog and Blogging Monetization Methods

1. Affiliate Marketing

In affiliate marketing, the blogger places banners and special links in the websites purposely to attract clients to specific merchant sites. If the client eventually buys a product from the site hosted by the merchant, the blogger earns a commission which amounts to his or her earnings. Many affiliate markers blog for money through corporate referrals. Some advertising networks pay bloggers specific amount of money on each click or referral made successfully.

It is upon bloggers to identify good paying ads and advertising agencies before subscribing to affiliate marketing as a money making strategy. It is important to realize that most successful global bloggers were once affiliate marketers 

2. Selling Your Own Offline Product

Some blog on how to earn money can be done through a personalized website which mainly creates and sell dedicated products. Writers, restaurant owners, and musicians are now promoting their talents, products, and services through blogs. Most of these bloggers collect online payments made through PesaPal and PayPal money transfer service providers.

3. Selling Digital Products

Selling digital products is a fulfilling experience that comes with sufficient rewards to a blogger. This is so because digital products require minimal investments when compared to physical products. E-book blogging is an example of a digital blog that can earn greatly. Selling e-book is an increasingly growing venture that attracts long term investment efforts. A book that was created decades ago may still be selling at a higher rate even into the future with little commitment in real time. Unlike physical books, e-books do not cost to reproduce or distribute making them more versatile. Blogging with e-books is one of the most interesting ventures that one might consider to try. To get started, identify an area you do well and publish a good rating book. By writing a book and blogging it in an e-book store, you will be sure to earn passive income continually for years to come.

E-book blogging is a stable source of income when done properly with sufficient marketing. The key concept of blogging is to enable other people to excel in specific areas. More patience is called for before yielding substantial results. Blogging for money is harder when you are getting off the ground; it requires mentorship and persistence even when the blog does not seem to take off. For this reason, it is important to assess the relevance of various digital products you offer to the host blog platform.

4. Paid Posts and Marketing Opportunities

This type of blogging actively attracts sponsored posts and authority requests. A blogger should be keen to identity with good ranking websites and persons to upper their search ranking. Some bloggers in this category are paid up to $500 to cover material in their page or mention specific ads. Marketing opportunities will present in your contact inbox if you do it right and inspire others to grow. It is important to stay supportive of others in order to get deeply grounded in blogging. It is rational to offer some free services even as you monetize others when developing a website. This is important in creating a good will that will attract more clients.

5. Be a Consultant

To become a consultant blog, you need to know how to address a particular problem affecting your audience. For instance, you may consider running a consultancy blog about entrepreneurship and startups. You will be more likely to succeed if you have relevant experience in the field and are well educated in the subject. Providing details on the subject will attract the attention of more people on your expertise. The more persuading and authoritative your blog is, the more you are likely to receive more clients for professional council and inquiries. There are many organizations in need of professional consultancy services and are willing to pay some considerable lump sum to the highest ranked bidder. Consultancy is profitably even with the rapid changes in technology and social media culture in business applications. The main reason of blog writing is to offer services. A properly designed website is resourceful in reaching the target audience. Some people offer a variety of services in one blog while others prefer to specialize in their niche. In all cases, it is a good practice to focus on the service you are good at and can deliver at best.

6. Job Boards

Another reliable method of making money through a blog is to develop Job boards to enable people to secure jobs amid an employment crisis. A job board blog will eventually attract employers to advise job opening through your site. Problogger Job Board is an example of a successful job board that has attracted a large visitor base.


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