How to Book a Ticket on Jambojet

How to Book a Ticket on Jambojet

About Jambojet

Jambojet, a brand of Kenya Airways, is Kenya’s first low-cost airline. Operating from Jomo Kenyatta International Airport in Nairobi, Jambojet has set to revolutionize the way you travel by opening up the skies for all to fly for less. They aim to provide affordable air travel because flying really is for everyone.

Jambojet has a wide variety of value-added services to ensure that you enjoy your flying experience in the manner that best suits you and your pocket. And because they are a wholly-owned subsidiary of Kenya Airways you can be assured of top quality service and adherence to the highest international safety standards. Don’t just take our word for it.

How to Book a Ticket on Jambojet

How can I book a ticket?

You can book your ticket on their website, at Jambojet sales offices or by calling our sales team on +254711024545, +254734104545 or +254 20 3274545.

(Please note, booking at our sales offices or via our call center incurs an additional service charge of KES 700 per person per one way. Making a flight reservation via the Jambojet website incurs no extra charge beyond the quoted fare.)

Can I request a special meal when I make my reservation?

No, Jambojet presently offers only snacks and refreshments on flights, at a cost. Their cabin staff will come around with an attractively priced and extensive assortment of snacks and drinks. You make a payment to the cabin staff. Because you personally determine what you eat or drink, there is no need to request any special meals. On board, you can pay in cash (Kenya Shillings only)

Are all the seats in the aircraft available for seat reservation?

No, not all the seats are available for seat reservation. The seats in the seating chart that are coloured grey are not available for seat reservation.

Which seats provide extra legroom?

The seats that provide extra legroom are indicated in the seat map that you will see during the Jambojet seat reservation procedure. These seats can be recognized by moving your mouse across one of these seats – you will see that they provide extra legroom.

Why am I being charged for seat selection?

The seat fee is only charged if you pre-select a specific/preferred seat. However, you will be allocated a seat at random and at no extra cost during check in.

Do I have a guarantee that I can sit on the seat I have chosen?

You can select the seat of your choice while booking at an additional cost. In principle, during the flight you are entitled to sit on the seat you have chosen. However, the cabin staff – under the leadership of the lead cabin attendant – always remains responsible for compliance with the flight safety regulations for every specific flight. The seat preference indicated by you during the Internet check-in, therefore, is always conditional. You cannot derive any rights from it.

Why do I see lower fares on the website a few days after I have made a booking?

Every flight has various price categories. The timing of the booking and the number of available seats determine the price category that is available for the flight you select. This may change very rapidly due to a number of factors such as booking cancellation or non-payment of a confirmed booking. Passengers are therefore advised to plan their journey and book early to get the best possible rates. In addition, you may also find special offers on our website. Changing your booking to a lower fare is however not possible.

I have lost the confirmation of my reservation. What should I do?

Kindly contact our Jambojet call center on +254711024545, +254734104545 or +254 20 3274545.

Is it possible to book an additional seat?

It is possible to book an additional seat – for example, for the transport of a musical instrument.

How can I arrange a group booking?

You can arrange a group booking using any of the following channels:

  1. For online booking, click here
  2. Email our group booking desk at
  3. Visiting their Sales & Ticketing Offices countrywide
  4. Call our call centre on +254711024545, +254734104545 or +254 20 3274545

Can I change my flight reservation?

You can change the travel date and time of the outbound and return flight, the place of departure, the destination and the names of the passengers either on our website or by calling our call center on +254711024545, +254734104545 or +254 20 3274545.

Once you are logged in, select the reservation that you would like to change. You immediately see the possible cost of making any change. Alternatively, you can also call our call center for further assistance. Changing your reservations and/or details incurs a cost. Please note that changes can only be made up to 2 hours before departure.

In the event that you have to cancel your ticket but still wish to travel with Jambojet, you will be required to pay the booking fee. In addition, if no seat within the fare you had originally paid/booked is available, you will also be required to top up the fare difference.

Cancellation charges and policies 

A cancellation fee of Ksh2670 per person applies when you cancel your flight. Since our tickets are not refundable, the rest of the money paid for the ticket is kept as the credit under the same booking reference and can be used at a later date. This credit is valid for six months as at the date of cancelation.

The cancellation has to be done not later than one hour after flight departure. If a passenger fails to cancel or make changes to their booking within one hour after flight departure, the ticket becomes no show and the entire ticket will be forfeited