How to connect to the Faiba Konnect Services.


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About Faiba Konnect

What is Faiba Konnect?

Faiba Konnect gives you the most reliable Point to Point (P2P) connection between your headquarters and branches. It gives you excellent connectivity to offices that need direct connections between remote servers and local workstations. Signing up for our P2P connectivity is an especially logical move if you want high availability and a secure connection to a remote site.

As Jamii Telecommunications LTD, we pride ourselves as having the most expansive fiber network coverage spanning over 30 counties and can comfortably connect you to most of your branches countrywide.


  • JTL network is fully redundant (protected). We have the ability to re-route your traffic in case of any loss in any of our backbones
  • High bandwidth & low latency on your own private network.
  • A single connection to provide internet access and carry your other essential data.
  • Scalable to grow with the needs of your business i.e. you can upgrade or downgrade your package easily
  • Proactive monitoring of your link by our support engineers to ensure that it is always optimized
  • 24/7 support available through our customer service team and support engineers
  • Single bill for all your branches
  • Affordable – Our prices are very competitive in the market

How to connect to the Faiba Konnect Services.

  • When you contact the sales team, you will be advised if we are able to provide Faiba in your area.
  • If yes, advance payment will be made for survey and installation purposes.
  • You will be asked to choose an installation date.
  • Once we have confirmed your chosen date one of our engineers will come to do a survey and set up the Faiba connection. A fibre cable from our network will be run underground or overhead to your premises. Your Faiba connection will run along the outside or inside of your home to the JTL router that will be mounted at a convenient location inside your building.
  • One of our expert engineers will then visit your home or office at a convenient time for you to install and set up your Faiba service. Once it’s all up and running, the engineer will show you how everything works.