How Safaricom Guarantee Works

The Safaricom Guarantee

What is Safaricom Guarantee?

This is a promise by Safaricom to refund our customers with up to 1 minute talk time if you experience a network disconnection during a local call to another Safaricom number.

How does Safaricom Guarantee work?

When a Safaricom to Safaricom call is disconnected because of network failure, the customer who initiated the call will be refunded with an amount equal to the call duration before network disconnection up to a maximum of 1 minute per call for calls above 1 minute. The refunds will be accumulated and awarded once a week.

Who is eligible for Safaricom Guarantee?

All Safaricom customers are eligible for the Safaricom Guarantee when they call another Safaricom customer in Kenya.

The Safaricom Guarantee will be limited to a maximum of 5 call disconnections a day per customer.

How will I check my Safaricom Guarantee balance?

Customers can check their Safaricom Guarantee balance by sending the word “Balance” to 144 via SMS.

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