How to appreciate and love your man

How to appreciate and love your man

You finally bagged yourself a good man and everything is going on so perfectly. He loves and adores you and gives you everything you ask for freely. But at the back of your mind you keep wondering what it will take to keep him all to yourself.  Girlfriend, a man will stay so long as you make him feel loved and appreciated. To a man, appreciation communicates love so if you don’t appreciate him he will perceive it as though you don’t love him. And it’s easy to please a man unlike women, men are logical people and they are straight to the point.

So girlfriend, make your man feel appreciated and loved by following my advice down here. I have tried and I can confirm that these tips work.

Cook his favorite meal

Every so often get in the kitchen and prepare his favorite meal. Let it not be on Father’s day, his birthday or after a promotion but just a normal random day. Go out of your way and dress up for the lunch or dinner in a way he likes and watch how lit up he will be especially after a long stressful day.  After all they say the way to the man’s heart is through his stomach so cook your way to his heart girlfriend. Learn new ways of making his favorite meal to surprise him even more.

Accept and Love him

Accept him for who he is and quit wanting to change him to your idea of a perfect man. No man is and will ever be perfect but we can only be the perfect version of ourselves.  Love him for his strengths and love him with his flaws. Don’t keep pointing at what he doesn’t know or criticizing his every shortcoming. Sometimes just let go of his mistakes, give him space to error and to learn from his mistakes.

Compliment him often

Every time your man looks good, smells good, accomplishes something or helps around the house, compliment him. Tell him how sexy he looks in that suit or how handy he is with the baby. Be generous with those compliments. It will make him swell with pride and want to do even more.

Allow him some space

Every so often men hide into their man-caves to process some thoughts or situations that they are going through. You will find that during this period they become a bit distant and withdrawn and tend to want to keep to themselves so please allow him some space and stop nagging him. Let him process and he will come out of I once he has figured out his stuff.  There are also times that he would like to be with his boys so allow him time to catch up. It makes him feel as though he is not losing himself by being with you.

Support his vision and goals

Be a supportive woman, don’t judge or belittle his goals and visions. Encourage him to work towards his goals and support him emotionally. They say behind every successful man is a supportive and loving woman so be that woman to your man and he will feel loved. Listen to his ideas and help him brainstorm, turn up at his events and awards, celebrate his achievements and milestones and help him pick himself up when he falls. In short be his number one loyal fan.

Don’t compete for his roles: Let the man be the head of your home and serve your role of being a helper wholeheartedly. This women liberation talk is not practical. Competing with him and trying to keep score with him will only lead to a destructive relationship. Let him lead you and give him the space to do his roles without your endless supervision and criticism. Women like preaching about gender equality but I can bet that if roles were to be reversed we cannot handle half of what men deal with every day.

Exercise gratitude

Be a woman who is always grateful for what she has been given or done for. In this life, we deserve no one’s loyalty, love or anything so when your man goes out of his way to take you to that vacation or help out in the kitchen, just say a simple thank you. Eve him paying rent and buying food, always say thank you. Adopt an attitude of gratitude to show your man that you appreciate the efforts he puts.

Don’t belittle him

Men and their egos exist co-dependently and so if you bruise their ego it cuts deep. Don’t belittle your man especially in front of his kids or other people. He will quickly shut down and coil into his cave. Never ever hit below the belt either, that is the worst you can ever do. Words once said cannot be taken back so don’t kill your man with your words, don’t insult him, abuse him, talk ill of him to your friends and instead use your mouth to build your man

Initiate sex

Every so often be the hornier one and jump on him. Sex is two way, so don’t be shy to initiate the sex. Men love it when we can’t resist them sexually and are not afraid to show it. Go on and dress up for him, seduce him and take him on wildly.

Turn to him for Advice

Next time you got a problem or are clueless about something, run to your man for advice especially in matters that he is so knowledgeable in. This will make him feel so important and appreciated and that he can be of so much help to you.  Don’t be shy to ask about silly things as well. This is what makes a relationship so much fun.

Don’t make him feel insecure

It is okay to make your man jealous sometimes but don’t go far with it. Don’t make him be so insecure because he will start doubting you and it can get messy.  Making him very insecure will quickly alter his ego. When you go out with him don’t flirt in his presence or dance provocatively in his presence.

Praise him in front of his friends and family

Men love to be praised, even more so on their masculinity, so go ahead and be generous with the praises. Be genuine though; let it come from the heart. When his friends visit, talk about him positively and let them know what a wonderful man you have.

In Conclusion

Men thrive on love and true appreciation. It really boosts their ego and we all know how important that is to them. Appreciate your man and he will want to do even more for you. He will go out of his way just to make you happy and reciprocate the appreciation and love. Be true to him, loyal and be his support system and you will enjoy a life full of love.