How to answer 5 most common interview questions like a boss

A job interview. [Photo/Ebony Magazine]

How to answer 5 most common interview questions like a boss

It is the dream of every job seeker to nail any job interview they are invited to but it is also hard to know what exactly your interviewer will ask.

I am not a mind reader but here are 5 most asked questions during interviews so I am providing you with the best way you can answer them when queried.

1. Please tell me a little about yourself?

Here, don’t focus much on all your employment history but take the Present, Past, and Future approach. Start by talking a bit on your current position and the most recent big achievement, explain how your growth journey and finally state what the future looks like for you in your area of expertise.

2. Why are you leaving your current occupation?

When asked try to maintain an air of positivity. Don’t soil your former employer but instead show your interviewer that you are eager for new opportunities at the firm and the role they are offering is the best fit for you.

3. Why the long gap in your employment history.

Be sincere on this one and back it up by stating that despite being unemployed you engaged yourself in mind enriching activities like blogging or education. Then steer the conversation by saying how you are fired up to contribute to the organisation.

4. What is your salary expectation

Always do your research on what you should be paid, then come up with a salary range based on your education, experience and skills. Let the interviewer know you are also flexible.

5. Do you have any questions?

Remember in an interview you are not just there to be hired, also be keen to interrogate whether the position you are applying for is fitting you and this question provides you with that opportunity. You can ask the interviewer questions like “what do you cherish about working here” or Tell me something about your products and if there is any growth plan”

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