Wi-Fi speed boost for Tablet and Ipad users

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Wi-Fi speed boost for Tablet and Ipad users

Tablet and iphone users have finally found a way enjoying his speed internet at a cheaper price. initially during the peak hour s of the day, there had been complaint of slow internet from various people .

this was a result of the network provider capping the internet speed and giving it to their best paying clients. as a result of this, those with cheaper payment plans would not use their internet to full capacity.

however, a  solution has been found to solve this problem. An ex-engineer, who’s been working for years at one of the largest internet providers in Germany, came up with this idea to solve this issue. He always knew that people pay full price for the service that sometimes barely works, and that internet operators control this process…

His solution was to create a device that would be able to bypass ISP’s speed throttling while increasing WiFi’s range and speed around your house. He wanted it to be as simple as possible, so that anyone, even the least tech-savvy ones, would be able to use it.

After days of trying, he finally reached his desired result… and called it “WifiBooster”.

What problems does WifiBooster solve?

  • Slow internet connection
  • Weak Wi-Fi signal after leaving the room
  • Bad quality of video calls
  • Wi-Fi “dead spots” around your house
  • Endless buffering
  • Thick walls that weakens the signal
  • Insufficient download and upload times