Where is the Kenya Police Traffic department in Nairobi

Where is the Kenya Police Traffic department in Nairobi
Where is the Kenya Police Traffic department in Nairobi

Where is the Kenya Police Traffic department in Nairobi

About Kenya Police Traffic department.

The Kenya Police has its small beginnings in the period between 1887 – 1902, tracing its foundation on the Imperial British East Africa (I.B.E.A.) Company, and a businessman Sir William McKinnon, who in the interest of his business found it necessary to provide some form of protection (security) for his stores along the coastline of Kenya.

It is from this origin that the concept of constituting a real police service was formed in Mombasa. Generally, police activities centered on protection of the business of the I.B.E.A. Company where the strength was mainly of Indian origin with a skeleton staff of some Africans otherwise referred to as ‘Askaris”. During those early stages of the small police force, its duties were negligible.

In 1957, the Police Headquarters building was opened and in 1958 the Force was integrated within the Ministry of Defense. In the period prior to independence, the Kenya Police was greatly involved in the maintenance of law and order during political meetings and at the height of the independence election period.

After Kenya gained her independence from Britain on 12th December 1963, there was a need to make some drastic changes in the Administration of the Force. This led to the replacement of the expatriate officers in the senior ranks by Africans. Since then, the Force has realized tremendous achievements in various fields of operation.

Among them, due to the increase in criminal activities and in line with the Police resolve to effectively deal with security threats and to bring down crime to minimal levels, various specialized units have been formed. They include the Anti-Stock Theft Unit, Anti-Motor Vehicle Theft Unit, Tourism Police Unit, The Anti-Corruption Police Unit, Presidential Escort Unit, and the Anti-Terrorism Police


Kenya Police Headquarters, Vigilance House, Harambee Avenue,
PO BOX 30083,
Nairobi, Kenya.

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