UNCONFIRMED: 6 CITAM clergymen hit the headlines for the wrong reasons

Citam Valley Road. [Photo/Daily Nation]

UNCONFIRMED: 6 CITAM clergymen hit the headline for the wrong reasons

Twitter pages are awash with allegations pitting respectable men of the cloth with outrageous claims.

A trending hashtag #ShameOnTheChurches has one photo unearthed, in which the tweet alleges that 6 Christ Is The Answer Ministry (CITAM) clergymen have been sanctioned over their lust for the forbidden fruit.

According to the tweet, the following are the said men.

The tweet. [Photo/Wallybee]
  1. Rev Steve Makau – Currently on suspension for being in a public fight with Reverent Stanley Amukoa over a love triangle.
  2. Elder Sam – Fell out of favour with the leadership over adulterous affairs but was restored after bribing bloggers to pull down the stories that exposed the moral corruption at CITAM.
  3. Rev John Wesley – Currently on suspension for deflowering several vulnerable girls in Nakuru.
  4. Rev. Charles Obara – Had ana adulterous affair with a woman paid his mortgage. His wife was blackmailed to stay in the marriage.
  5. Bishop Boniface Adoyo – Termed him as a serial adulterer.
  6. Rev Stanley Amukoa – Currently under suspension for being in a love triangle with Rev Steve Makau and getting into a public brawl over a woman who is not their wife.