Umba App Complete Review

Umba App Complete Review
Umba App Complete Review

Umba App Review

Umba formerly known as Mkopo Kaka is a money lending mobile app founded by Barry O’Mahony and Tiernan Kennedy.  With no formal credit score many people have an inability to raise credit – until now.  Umber is part of a financial revolution in emerging markets – traditional banking doesn’t work – move over for the next generation of financial services

All over the world, e-commerce is booming, and so is their need for fair, reliable financial services and capital. With smartphone growth at an all-time high, umba is leveraging this opportunity to scale a low cost, high value financial product for the new two billion internet users.

The products are designed to cater for everyone, on their schedule. For a lot of our customers, that means having no credit file or existing financial footprint. We use alternative data to offer financial products that are automated, robust and customer friendly without the cost and hassle of typical banks.

How it works;

Once you have downloaded the app, you create a count and you’re able to apply for loans that meet your need using your mobile phone.

Key Reviews;

  1. Usability and Design

One fun thing about Umba is that you can you navigate easily. The design of the product looks fantastic as everything is designed easily. Another thing about the app making it more interesting to users is that there are no advert pop ups once you have downloaded it on your smartphone. The light blue color and white makes it more attractive.

Features and Functionality
Another fantastic feature about this app is that all of the features are functional and working well. An important and useful feature about the app is that you fill out a simple form in under 30 seconds and submit for a quick review.

Application Performance
The responsiveness, speed, scalability, stability of the product while processing user requests is superb.

Overall Pro

Loans are accessible from as low as Ksh 250 with monthly interest from 1%. Their loan terms are customer friendly as there are both long- and short-term loans.

Overall Cons
On the display, the app uses Facebook as the medium to register users. This first may limit those interested to use the app as there is no other system of logging to the app. Secondly, many people do not trust Facebook especially when it comes to online privacy, therefore a discomfort to the user.

Other Helpful comments

All the data we collect is encrypted and protected. We use bank grade security to protect your data. We ensure our data protection methods are effectively communicated so you are always in control.

Umba 0.7.1

  1. Version 1.0
  2. File Size 6.10MB
  3. Requires Android 5.0+
  4. Package Name; Beatha Technology
  5. Price: Free
  6. Rate: 4.1 stars based on 3K reviews.