Top 5 Shopping Malls in Westlands Nairobi

We peek inside the Westgate Mall and other top shopping malls in Westlands Nairobi.

Picture/The Westgate Mall (Facebook)

Top 5 Shopping Malls in Westlands Nairobi

Easily mistaken for the city center, Westlands is one of the busiest areas in Nairobi.

As evidenced by the presence of the Safaricom headquarters among other big corporate establishments in the area, Westlands is a top commercial center in the country.

Westlands also hosts some of the biggest shopping centers in the capital city. The following are top shopping malls in the Westlands area of Nairobi;


1. The Westgate Mall

    1. The Westgate Mall is an imposing shopping establishment located at Westlands in Nairobi.
    2. This location is prominent in Kenya’s history following the September 2013 terror attack.
    3. The Westgate Mall immediately roared back into life and has since reclaimed its position as a top shopping mall in Kenya.
    4. Located just 7 kilometers out of the Nairobi city center, the Westgate doubles as a major entertainment center.
    5. The Westgate Cinema is a popular hangout spot for both local and foreign visitors.
    6. Click here to view the Showing List at the Westgate Cinema.
    7. The Westgate Mall also has over 80 stores and business centers inside.
    8. Some of the businesses housed in the Westgate Mall include;
        1. Absa, DTB, KCB, and Stanbic Banks
        2. Westlands Forex Bureau
        3. Pharmacies such as Goodlife Pharmacy
        4. Safaricom shop
        5. Drycleaners
        6. Fashion and clothing stores such as Hugo Boss, Lacoste, and Sports planet.
        7. The Gadgets shop
        8. Restaurants such as Subway, KFC, Creamy Inn, and Chicken Inn.
    9. Click here to view the stores available at the Westgate Shopping Mall.


Picture/The Westgate Mall (Facebook)


2. The Mall Westlands

    1. The Mall Westlands is a shopping center located on Ring Road Parklands in Nairobi.
    2. The shopping center has many businesses inside such as;
        1. Restaurants and food stores
        2. Fashion outlets and clothes shops such as CityWalk
        3. Optical and other health facilities
    3. The environment is serene making it an ideal hangout spot with friends and family.
    4. The Mall Westlands offers a variety of products and services for customers to choose from.



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3. Sarit Center

    1. The Sarit Center is the oldest mall in Nairobi, its first phase was completed in 1983.
    2. The Mall runs under the tagline “Your City” which was conceptualized by its founding Rughani brothers.
    3. The two brothers essentially wanted to put up a city within a city.
    4. Many stories have been told about how people walk into the gigantic mall and end up lost inside.
    5. A Twitter user recently claimed that he came close to reporting his car as stolen after failing to locate it inside the mall.
    6. Sarit Center is located along Karuna Road in Westlands in Nairobi.
    7. While it is mainly a shopping center, Sarit Center is also an office building, Expo, and entertainment center.
    8. Some of the businesses/stores located inside Sarit Center include;
        1. Tecno Super Flagship Store
        2. Italian Kitchen
        3. Xiaomi Mi Home Store
        4. Mr. Price
        5. Victoria Carpet
        6. Carrefour Supermarket
        7. MultiChoice Kenya
        8. Westlands Florists
        9. Woolworths
        10. Absa, Equity, and NIC Banks
        11. Fashion outlets
        12. Text Book Center
    9. Click here to view the businesses inside the Sarit Center.



4. GTC Boutique Mall

    1. The GTC Boutique Mall is located in the iconic Global Trade Center building in Westlands Nairobi.
    2. The 42-floor building was launched by President Uhuru Kenyatta in December 2021, having been under construction since 2014.
    3. The GTC Boutique Mall is a 4-floor independent retail area, occupying the ground floor up to the fourth floor of the building.
    4. The GTC Boutique Mall has 7 commercial facilities that include;
        1. Boutique supermarket
        2. Bank
        3. Catering
        4. Home furnishing
        5. Children’s playground
        6. Healthcare facilities


Picture/GTC Nairobi


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5. Soin Shopping Arcade

    1. Soin Shopping Center is a commercial establishment located along Westlands Road in Nairobi.
    2. It is a shopping center that offers a variety of products and services for customers to choose from.
    3. It has businesses such as;
        1. Banks
        2. Fashion outlets
        3. Barber shops and hairdressers