Worried about people listening in on your conversation? Consider getting one of these “Bracelet of Silence”

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In Brief

– Two computer science professors invent a digital device “Bracelet of silence” to prevent other people from listening in on their conversation.

With most homes owners fitting cameras with listening devices in their homes, you may never know who is listening in on your conversation. Most people are not aware of this but we are never fully safe with the internet

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This doesn’t apply to only hidden cameras or microphones, it applies to your phones

As a result of this, two computer science professors at the University of Chicago, Mr Zhao and Ms Zheng, with the help of an assistant professor, Pedro Lopes, designed a piece of digital armour, a “bracelet of silence” that jams the Echo or any other microphones in the vicinity from listening in on the wearer’s conversations.

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The bracelet is like an anti-smartwatch, both in its cyberpunk aesthetic and in its purpose of defeating technology. A large, somewhat ungainly white cuff with spiky transducers, the bracelet has 24 speakers that emit ultrasonic signals when the wearer turns it on.

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The sound is undetectable to most ears, with the possible exception of young people and dogs, but nearby microphones will detect the high-frequency sound instead of other noises.

“It’s so easy to record these days,” Mr Lopes said. “This is a useful defence. When you have something private to say, you can activate it in real-time. When they playback the recording, the sound is going to be gone.”