Pork made from plants launched by Impossible Foods

Plant based pork

Pork made from plants launched by Impossible Foods

A plant-based pork substitute has been launched in Las Vegas by one of the leading “alternative meat” producers.

Impossible Foods, the firm behind the Impossible Burger, says it hopes to appeal to a global audience with its latest vegetarian-friendly meal, which it unveiled at the CES tech show.

Pork is currently the most widely consumed meat in the world.

The company hopes the product will help it break into China. But one expert said it might find that a challenge.

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Rival firm Beyond Meat has offered a lab-produced sausage product since 2018, but California-based Impossible Foods is also offering a ground pork substitute that it says can be used in a wide range of traditional recipes.

The firm’s sausage and plant-based pork products, like its ground beef substitute, are made using heme a molecule derived from plants that contain iron and that resembles blood.

Heme is found in real meat but can be produced without farming animals

The new products contain no gluten, animal hormones or antibiotics.