Why did Petr Cech always wear a helmet?

Czech goalkeeper Petr Cech was one of the best goalkeepers back then

Why did Petr Cech always wear a helmet

Why did Petr Cech always wear a helmet?

On the 14th of October 2006, Chelsea, which was coached back then by José Mourinho, was going to have seemingly a normal match against Reading in the English Premier League. People from Kenya and the rest of the world can always visit https://www.1xbet.co.ke/ in order to make wagers on this competition.


Czech goalkeeper Petr Cech was one of the best goalkeepers back then. He signed for Chelsea just 2 seasons prior to that match. However, that match would certainly be one that he would never forget for the rest of his life. The match just started, and the keeper went to catch a long ball from Reading that was going to fall in his box. With him at the goal, making a 1xBet bet is always a good idea. Alongside Chelsea’s goalkeeper Reading’s Stephen Hunt was also going for the ball.

Why did Petr Cech always wear a helmet

What happened after that

Both players were going after the ball. However, for the keeper’s bad luck, Hunt’s knee collided directly with the top part of his head. The Czech was on the ground, grabbing his head with evident pain. However, the referee didn’t think that it was a really serious situation, and asked the keeper and the Chelsea medical team, who immediately ran to the keeper’s help to leave the field in order to treat him. Cech barely crawled to leave the field. Right now, people can make live bet on 1xbet.co.ke/live on Chelsea and every other team in the EPL.


However, it was evident that the problem was much more serious than initially suspected. The medical team was taking a long time in treating him, and one of the physios made a gesture to Mourinho saying that a substitution was needed. Backup keeper Carlo Cudicini prepared to enter the field. With such keepers, to make a bet on 1xBet live on Chelsea was certainly an excellent decision.

An eventful match

Barely more than a minute had been played during the match, and after many minutes of medical treatment, Carlo Cudicini entered to replace Cech, who was immediately taken to a hospital. Matches of this kind are always available to gamble at 1xbet.co.ke/mobile, which can be used from mobile devices.


Things would become even worse for Chelsea. This is because Cudicini, when the match was about to finish, was knocked unconscious himself, and needed to be taken out of the field. As there were no other backup keepers available, defender John Terry needed to play the rest of the match in that position.


For the keeper things were catastrophic. He suffered a depressed skull fracture, and was out of action for many months. It is argued that he was never the same after the injury. However, he still had great games with:


    • Arsenal;
    • and the Czech national side.


Chelsea is a team that always has good goalkeepers. As a result, 1xBet is the best place to wager on that squad.