The fantastic Ricardo Gareca

During his career, Gareca played on four squads including Boca Juniors, River Plate, Vélez Sarsfield, and Independiente. 

Ricardo Gareca

The fantastic Ricardo Gareca


Argentina is a country that can brag about the incredible quality of its football players. Currently betting online is easy with 1xBet, and it can be done on the best footballers from that part of the world. 


An incredible name that the Argentinians had between the years 1978 and 1994 was Ricardo Gareca. He was a highly talented forward who spent his entire career in squads from either Argentina or Colombia. While he never played in European squads, he still had an incredible level overall. It is easy to start betting online with 1xBet, which can be done on football teams from Argentina and from Europe too. 


Ricardo Gareca


The four big clubs 

In Argentina there are various football clubs that claim to be among the “big” teams within the country. During his career, Gareca played on four squads that are considered among the most important in this part of the world. Right now live slots are available on 1xBet, and they can be visited while waiting for the games that these teams are going to play. 


The squads in question include: 


  • Boca Juniors; 
  • River Plate; 
  • Vélez Sarsfield; 
  • and Independiente. 


The player also had a brief spell in Argentinian team Sarmiento while he was still a Boca Juniors youngster. He also had a 3-year-long spell in Colombian team América de Cali, where he also became a huge hero of the club. At this moment, on 1xBet live slots are available, and they are a great form of entertainment to try out prior to the next match of this Colombian side. 

A Peruvian hero 

2015 is a year that will forever be remembered in the mind of Gareca but also of Peruvian football years. In that year, the former forward was hired as coach of the national team of that country. As it tends to happen on other occasions, there was a lot of skepticism surrounding this appointment. You can use to try live sports betting, which can be especially good when made on the Peruvian national side. 


Yet, Ricardo Gareca quickly began to silence his critics. They finished third in the 2015 Copa América. By that moment, fans of the team started to dream about going to the 2018 FIFA World Cup. The last time that Peru had featured in a competition of this kind had been in 1982. 


Thanks to a great group of players and under the guidance of Gareca, the team was able to qualify. While they were eliminated in the group stage during the competition itself, just qualifying was seen as a huge achievement. Punters can also use the 1xBet website to try live sports betting on the FIFA World Cup whenever it is taking place. 


Peru almost qualified for the 2022 FIFA World Cup too. However, they were eliminated by Australia in the intercontinental play-offs. Gareca announced his resignation from the national squad shortly after the defeat.