Sports betting sites in Ukraine: where it’s better to gamble

Since 2007, Ukrainians have had an opportunity to bet at the 1xBet online bookmaker.

Sports betting sites in Ukraine

Sports betting sites in Ukraine: where it’s better to gamble

Bookmaker activity is officially allowed in Ukraine. The companies that have received a license from the state regulatory commission can accept bets on completely legal grounds. Therefore, no one forbids players to visit legal sports betting sites and earn money there on successful predictions. The main problem is that there are only three such online platforms in the country today:

    • Parimatch
    • Fan Sport
    • Vbet.

Such a choice is quite acceptable for a beginner who is just getting acquainted with the betting process, but not for an experienced better who visits a betting shop for the sake of constant earnings. Professionals are accustomed to working on several platforms at the same time in order to have enough space for implementing gambling strategies and not get noticed by the administration for frequent wins in one place. It’s no secret that sites offering sports betting keep a close eye on lucky customers and quickly respond to their success by lowering limits or even preventing them from visiting their website.

Fortunately for Ukrainian gamblers, there is an alternative on the local market. We are talking about bookmakers operating under an international license. This document is recognized all over the world; formally, gambling on such a platform does not violate the country’s laws in any way. Of course, the authorities limit the activities of such bookmakers in every possible way by blocking and creating obstacles to winning withdrawals, but so far these are not serious problems.

Safe gambling at 1xBet online

Naturally, a novice gambler has a question – how safe is cooperation with a bookmaker that does not have official permission to work in the country? When it comes to the companies that are well known to Ukrainian bettors, the risk of losing legal winnings is no higher than in a legal bookmaker. The reputation of these organizations has been proven over time. Although, of course, one should always keep a close eye on developments in the industry, because no company is immune from trouble.

Since 2007, Ukrainians have had an opportunity to bet at the 1xBet online bookmaker. In 15 years of work, the company has proved to be a reliable partner, paying winnings accurately and always trying to find a common language with customers. In addition to the betting point, this site represents:

    • Live casino with real dealers;
    • hall of games and slots;
    • poker room;
    • sweepstakes;
    •  lottery organization.

Anyone over the age of 18 is allowed to play. Note that in some legal bookmakers you can register only from the age of 21. In addition, the money earned in 1xBet on online entertainment is not taxed on a mandatory basis. If a client of Parimatch needs to give part of their winnings to the state anyway, then even here they have room for maneuver. Of course, gambling on semi-legal grounds always carries certain risks, but there are also a lot of pluses here.