Top 5 betting rules at Mozzartbet

Top 5 betting rules at Mozzartbet

Betting has taken the Kenyan markets by storm. Many youths are now placing bets on games with the hopes of winning money twice as much as the bet that they placed or even some extraordinary sums.

Just like any other game, betting has its own terms and rules of engagement. These rules ensure that both the person betting and the company offering the services, both stand to benefit from the venture.

Mozzartbet betting rules and terms of engagement include;

  • Where can you view your matches from?

Official sites are: England Premier League (statistics), Spanish La Liga (resultados → cronica → equipos), Germany Bundesliga (team statistics), Italian Serie A (match report), French Ligue 1 (team statistics), UEFA Champions League (statistics).

  • Do you get paid when you lose a bet?

customers are advised to clearly analyze matches before placing bets. When you place a bet and lose, the company doesn’t pay you for that.

  • The organizer reserves the right to change the odds published in the program of sports events, which will be promptly announced in a free-paid place. When calculating the gain, the odds that are valid at the time of the bet slip payment are taken into account.
  • Handicap” is an advantage in (goals, points, percentages or other sizes related to the betting event) for a sports event that is pre-determined and presented to the player in the betting offer. The final outcome of the handicap event is formed by adding the number of goals, points or percentages marked as a handicap, and goals, points or percentages actually achieved by the team to whom the handicap is given.
  • Incase there is an interruption during your game and it gets terminated, if you have confirmed the bet, the game will be automatically resumed, specifically, this bet is accepted. If this situation occurs, contact us.
  • The sign “1” means the victory of the home team, the “X” means a draw result, and the “2” marks the win of the away team.

In the event where the match that is the subject of the bet is played on the neutral ground, the sign “1” refers to the first team in the betting list, and the “2” sign to the second team.