Shock as thugs steals church offering in Nyahururu

A carton depicting a man breaking into a safe and making away with the content

Shock as thugs steals church offering in Nyahururu

Thugs on Sunday raided the Anglican church of Kenya, main diocese in Nyahururu. The thugs stole the days offering and other electronics from the church.

It is alleged that gained access into the church by jumping over the perimeter  wall.

Among the electronics stolen, were a piano, a mixer and a television set worth 245000 shilling.

According to the church Bishop stephen Kabora, the thieves broke the safe and stole an unknown amount of money that had been collected earlier.

“We were shocked when we went to the church compound only to find the windows had been broken. Upon searching further, we found out that they had stolen the electronics and the safe had also been broken into.They stole all the money that had been raised earlier,” he said.

The Nyahururu police boss said that they were questioning the two watchmen who were on duty that  fateful night to try and find out how the incident happened.