SafeBoda App Complete Review

SafeBoda App Complete Review
SafeBoda App Complete Review

SafeBoda App Complete Review

SafeBoda is a safe, one of the most fastest and most affordable way to get around Africa’s cities.

Use SafeBoda App to:


• CHECK YOUR ESTIMATE PRICE BEFORE YOU RIDE – • WEAR A HELMET AND SHOW YOUR LOVED ONES YOU CARE – Every SafeBoda has a spare helmet and a disposable hairnet for you.

How it works;

At the click of a button, you’re able to get a professional, trusted and trained boda-boda rider equipped with a spare helmet and a disposable hairnet.
If you don’t want to walk to the nearest stage or getting on the back of a stranger’s bike, Safeboda got you covered.

Key Reviews;

1.   Usability and Design

One interesting feature about Safeboda app is that you can you navigate easily. The design of the product looks fantastic, perfect combination of colors, easy to register or log in as you just require an activated mobile number.

2. Features and Functionality

Safeboda app is fantastic with great features, as users have different options while using the app. The apps features are functional and working well. An important and useful feature about the app that attracts you is the perfect combination of orange and white colors of the app.

3. Application Performance

While logging in or registering, the responsiveness, speed, scalability, stability of the product while processing user requests is superb. It is very easy to navigate once you have downloaded the app on your mobile phone.

4. Overall Pro

One interesting feature about is that The SafeBoda app calculates a fair, standard, and transparent price on every ride. Also, for frequent users of the service and app, if one Safeboda rider is next to you, just pair with him using his helmet number so you don’t have to wait any second for getting one.

5. Overall Cons

Matters of safety and theft are still a major concern. Some customers/users have complained of stolen money by SafeBoda riders.

6. Other Helpful Comments

Each SafeBoda receive extensive road and first aids training to make them the safest and most professional drivers on the streets. You can identify each of them by their names and numbers on their helmets.


  1. Requires Android 4.4 and Up
  2. Current Version; 3.0.8
  3. Size; 6.9MB
  4. Requires Android 5.0+
  5. Price: Free
  6. Rates: 4 Stars out of 4,467 Reviews