Worlds most expensive gadgets

While most of the good gadgets are expensive, there are some that are really expensive. Here are the 10 most expensive gadgets in the world


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– Want to see some of the costliest gadgets in the market? Check out our list of 10 most expensive gadgets.

While most of the good gadgets are expensive, there are some that are really expensive. As, ever since smartphones and other gadgets have become a quintessential part of our lives, luxury designers have been launching jazzed up versions of popular devices that suit the rich and famous.

Want to see some of the costliest gadgets in the market? Check out our list of 10 most expensive gadgets.

iPhone 5 black diamond — $15 million

Made using 135gram solid gold of 24 carats, the $15 million iPhone 5 Black Diamond took nine weeks to build. The chassis was inlaid with 600 white diamonds, while the Apple logo on the back boasts of 53 of these gems. Apart from these precious materials, this phone also utilizes sapphire on the screen.

The highlight of this black-and-gold iPhone 5 is the single, flawless black deep-cut diamond.


ipad gold history edition – $7,944,000

It works like a normal iPad but it doesn’t look like a normal iPad, and it definitely doesn’t cost as much as one. First of all, it is an iPad which weighs 2 kg and secondly there is a 57g T-Rex bone in its casing. While we don’t get the whole logic of putting a dinosaur bone in an iPad, it can definitely be a conversation starter.

Instead of the usual home button, there is an 8.5 carat diamond with 12 smaller diamonds all around it. Also, when you flip and see the back, you’ll find the Apple logo encrusted with 52 separate diamonds.


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18K gold speakers – $4.7 million

The world’s most expensive loudspeakers, these D&W Aural Pleasure speakers have been developed by Hart Audio. The company came out with 99 bronze speakers, five speakers in sterling silver, and only one pair in solid 18k gold.

Each speaker weighs around 50kg, and they come with three speaker drive units which deliver bass and mid-range. But we can’t help but wonder how revolutionary the sound is? When you are dropping $4.7 million for listening to music, you should get artists performing live for you. After all, what is the use of all that money if you cannot get Beyonce to do a private concert for you?


Camael Diamonds iPad — $1.2 million

Diamonds are a girl’s best friends, goes the saying. How about a diamond-encrusted iPad worth $1.2 million? This gadget is crafted with 18-carat gold and has 300-carat diamonds on the back.

The Home button in the front and the Apple logo on the back are made using black diamonds. Made by Camael London, this gadget weighs over 1kg.


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MacBook Air Supreme Platinum Edition — $500,000

Apple products are among the most expensive in the world and luxury brands are taking it a notch up. Not just iPhones and iPads, but Macbook laptops have also undergone the luxury treatment.

The Stuart Hughes Apple MacBook Air Supreme Platinum Edition is made using platinum weighing a massive 7kg, with only five units available across the world. Even without all the diamonds and sapphire, this iteration of Macbook Air costs approximately $500,000.


Nintendo Wii Supreme — $497,300

Nintendo Wii is discontinued now, but Stuart Hughes has made sure that it remains relevant for gamers living a luxurious life. With only three units made, the device costs a hefty $497,300. The Nintendo Wii Supreme is made using solid 22-carat gold, weighs over 2.5kg and takes six months to craft. The front buttons are made using 78×0.25-carat flawless diamonds, weighing a total of 19 carat.

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Sony PlayStation 3 Supreme — $331,500

Sony’s PlayStation 3 may be outdated, but Stuart Hughes has made the device a memorabilia for gamers. The Sony PlayStation 3 Supreme is a $331,500 gaming console that is made using solid 22-carat gold and weighs 1.6kg, with only three pieces ever made. The luxury gaming console has a diamond-studded disc loading slot, adorned with a total of 58 22-carat diamonds.

Steinway Lyngdorf Model LS Concert Speakers — $250,000

Any audiophile worth his/her salt will testify that Steinway Lyngdorf Model LS Concert Speakers are the closest you can come to bringing the concert audio experience into your house. The price of making this happen: $250,000.

Each speaker has glossy piano-black side pieces and 24-carat gold accents around all eight AMT tweeters. The eight-feet-tall and 16-inch-wide speakers use curved drape made of super-thin bungee cords instead of the commonly-used cloth grille.


Diamond BlackBerry Amosu Curva — $240,000

British luxury product maker Alexander Amosu offers a limited edition BlackBerry Curve 8900 phone for $240,000. The phone has a total of 4,459 diamonds weighing 28-carat on the front and back.

With a body crafted using 18-carat gold, this phone will come with free concierge services for a year. The company has only made three units of this device, which took 350 hours to be crafted.


Gold iPad Supreme — $190,000

If the million-dollar iPads are out of your budget, you can still get a slice of luxury at a lesser price tag of ‘just’ $190,000. With just 10 units in the market, the Gold iPad Supreme is certainly an exclusive item.

The back panel and bezel of this product are made using a single piece of 22-carat gold weighing 2.1kg and feature diamonds weighing 25-carat. The Apple logo on the back has 53 diamonds weighing 22-carat as well.



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