Itel A58 – All you need to know

The Itel A58 4000 mAh big battery is meant for convenience and to increase the phone’s utility. During long trips or in a hectic schedule, Itel A58 comes in handy.

Itel A58 – All you need to know


In brief

Itel A58 is the latest addition to the Itel A series after A14, A36, A37 and A56. It is an enhancement of its immediate predecessor, the ItelA56. Itel A58 has superior features in screen display, battery performance and appearance. Let us have a quick look at the newly introduced A58’s features.


1. Bigger Screen

A bigger screen is certainly what you go for if you are looking for nice interactivity with your device. A bigger display area means a better view and more clarity. The new Itel A58 saves you the trouble of reading or browsing on a smaller screen, thereby giving you the ultimate user experience.

The Itel A58 has standout screen features which include:


6.6” HD Waterdrop Fullscreen

The A58 6.6” screen is the best because it has a bigger display area. This is an upgrade of the A56 which has a 6.0” screen size.

Itel A58 also has a waterdrop/dewdrop notch where the screen is curved around the front camera, to have more space for display.


Itel A58 has a 90% High Screen Ratio

This means the screen covers almost the entire part of the phone’s front side. The feature guarantees an even wider view of images, text and other content on your screen. This gives you a better perspective of the world as you know it.

Itel A58 Front and rear view.


It has a 2.5D screen design

This is intended to make images as real as possible.


Itel A58 has 20:9 golden aspect ratio

The aspect ratio is designed for clarity, to give you the finest details.


2. Resolution

    • Itel A58 has a 1612*720 resolution. It beats the A56 which has 960*480 FW resolution.
    • It is specifically made for High-Definition (HD) viewing.
    • This gives you the best experience viewing your video clips and pictures.


3. Bigger Battery

The Itel A58 4000 mAh big battery is meant for convenience and to increase the phone’s utility. During long trips or in a hectic schedule, Itel A58 comes in handy.

    • The battery is fitted with enhanced power saving capabilities, to extend battery life.
    • The Power saving A58 battery gives 2 more hours of browsing, communication and viewing multimedia.
    • You can activate the A58 Ultra-Power Saving option, which gives you more than 10 days battery life.
Itel A58 features


4. Super A58 camera

    • Itel A58 has an excellent camera which is made of 2 camera sensors at the back.
    • One of them, the primary snapper, has 5 Megapixels. The other one is an AI depth sensor.
    • The two sensors are assisted by a powerful single LED flash.
    • The front camera is a single 5-megapixel selfie camera.


5. Enhanced Appearance

    • The Itel A58 has risen the bar in aesthetics and appearance, by adopting the fanciest of looks. The colors are blended to bring out the highest appeal and fashion sense.
    • It has a rare texture which gives a great feeling while holding or using it.
An auspicious color formation on the Itel A58 rear.


6.Processing Speed

Itel A58 is easily competitive in the modern fast world due to its effective processing speed. This gives you faster access to information, as well as smooth general functionality of the phone. Itel A58 definitely steers clear of the modern-day hanging problems.

    • It is powered by a 1.3GHz Quad-core UNISOC SC7731IE CPU.
    • A Mali T820 MP1 GPU is also installed inside to enable you to operate it with ease.
    • Itel A58 also has a 1 GB RAM to hold your opened Apps.
    • It has 16 GB internal storage, which can be expanded up to 64 GB using a micro-SD card.


7. Other features of the Itel A58

    • It supports 3G network to enable you to access and browse the internet. You can also make calls and send messages via the internet.
    • It has a back finger print scanner for biometrics. This is to secure your device from unauthorized access, therefore protecting your files and other personal details.
    • It has a dual SIM space for 2 3G SIMs.
    • It has the Google Android 11 (Go Edition) operating system to give you the ultimate operational capabilities.

The Itel A58 RRP is Ksh. 8650