Waititu was not an ‘intelligent thief’ — Maina Kamanda

Waititu borrowed me Sh1 million,

Former Kiambu Governor Ferdinand Waititu with Nominated MP Maina Kamanda. kamanda termed Waititu incompentent to lead. [Photo/File]

In Brief

-Kamanda claimed that Waititu enriched himself using public funds and he lacked respect.

Nominated MP Maina Kamanda roasted impeached Kiambu Governor Ferdinand Waititu claiming he is a man who lacked intelligence.

Speaking on Friday during the swearing-in of James Nyoro as the third Kiambu County Governor at the County headquarters, Kamanda dismissed Waititu as a man who never deserved to lead Kiambu.

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“He lacks respect even stealing needs intelligence. This man did not have even a little intelligence,” said Kamanda.

Kamanda also alleged that Waititu borrowed him money, never returned and still went ahead to enrich himself using public coffers.

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“During the campaigns, this man used to come to me to borrow Sh1 million promising he will return it. The other day he bought five houses in Nairobi including one in Runda,” he added.

Waititu was impeached on three charges the first one was a gross violation of the Constitution(2010) Public Finance Management Act(2012) and PPD Act(2005).

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Second charge – crimes under the national law, and third – abuse of office/misconduct.