Breaking! Senate okays Waititu impeachment motion

The Senate cast vote on Wednesday evening to approve Waititu's impeachment motion

Kiambu County Governor Ferdinand Waititu. The Senate has voted to approve his impeachment [Photo/ People Daily]

In Brief

– Waititu was impeached by the Kiambu County Assembly in December last year.

– He appeared before Senate today to submit his defense.

– Senate voted to affirm the County Assembly’s decision

Kiambu County Governor Ferdinand Waititu is a man under siege after the Kenyan Senate this evening voted to conclude the impeachment process that was initiated in the County Assembly late last year.

Teach Waititu a lesson! – Senator Kang’ata

The governor is facing among other charges violation of office and offense of County procurement processes. He had earlier in the day addressed the senators in a plea to seek clemency. The governor’s application to seek to submit new evidence was rejected on legal grounds.

Put yourself in my shoes – Waititu pleads with senators

Waititu has been out office on court orders since the ouster process kicked off and has all through been battling to clear his name.

It waits to be seen where the embattled governor will head to next in an effort to reclaim his slipping position