Breaking: Governor Ferdinand Baba Yao Waititu impeached

Embattled Kiambu county governor Ferdinand Waititu has been impeached by the Senate.

Kiambu governor Ferdinand Waititu. He has been impeached by the Senate. [Photo/]

-Tanga tanga and Kieleweke politics play out at the Senate

– Waititu impeached by a majority number of Senators

-He becomes the first-ever sitting governor to be toppled via an impeachment

Embattled Kiambu county governor Ferdinand Waititu has been impeached by the Senate.

On the charges of gross violation of the Constitution, PFM Act, PPD Act out of the 39 senators present in the house 27 supported the motion while 12 opposed it.

Teach Waititu a lesson! – Senator Kang’ata

The second charge which was the crime under the national law 28 Senators supported while 11 opposed.

While on the third charge which is the abuse of office and gross misconduct 28 senators supported while 11 opposed.

Breaking! Senate okays Waititu impeachment motion

For the motion to pass it needed at least 24 votes per every charge levelled against Waititu a threshold that sailed through

Before the vote, however, political undertones took centre stage as Senators allied to the Tanga Tanga political wing opposed Waititu’s impeachment on the grounds that due procedure was not adhered to when the MCAs sat to pass the impeachment motion.

Put yourself in my shoes – Waititu pleads with senators

On the other side Senators allied to the Kieleweke wing supported the impeachment motion on the basis of Waititu’s abuse of office more so the dispossession of two parcels of land belonging to a widow in Thika Town.

The “crimes” of Governor Ferdinand Waititu – Kiambu MCAs

Waititu’s predicament befell him after Member of County Assembly of the Kiambu accused him of committing crimes under the national law, abuse of office/misconduct and violation of the Constitution, Public Finance Management Act(PFM) 2012, Public Procurement and Disposal Act (PPD) 2005 and County Government Act 2012.