Miguna reveals Ruto’s second ‘wife’, you’ll be shocked!

Kenyan born Canadian lawyer Miguna Miguna has amused internet users after revisiting Ruto's marital life, revealing the latter's 'second spouse'

Exiled lawyer Miguna Miguna has revisited Ruto's marital life, revealing the latter's 'second spouse' [Photo/ Courtesy]

In Brief

– Today marks exactly two years since Miguna administered an illegal oath to ODM leader Raila Odinga.

– Miguna has blasted Kenyan leaders for what he terms as dereliction of duty.

– He has also called out his former colleague at NRM Dr. David Ndii for allegedly performing ‘wifely duties’ for Ruto

Self-styled NRM General has lashed out at Kenyan leaders accusing them of abandoning public interests to further their own. In a tweet, Miguna reminisced how he handed ODM leader Raila Odinga power, referring to the January 2018 mock swearing-in. He lamented that Raila had abdicated their course to push for institutional reforms, allegedly by way of receiving a Sh50 billion bribe to join hands with President Uhuru Kenyatta.

Miguna swallows humble pie, moves back to Canada

Miguna also hit at his then comrade Dr. David Ndii, claiming that he had equally abandoned the struggle and “fled into exile to Sugoi to be Ruto’s 2nd wife.” The exiled lawyer further prided himself as a loyalist who had remained true to the mission and swore to remain committed until the struggle bears fruit.

Jail Babu! Miguna demands

Miguna was buddled in a plane and forcefully removed from Kenya in 2018 after controversy arising on the question of his citizenship, government officials claiming he had not regularized his status to clearly effect dual citizenship.

Miguna takes government to court again

His attempts to get back into the country have been unfruitful, with the latest one being earlier in the month where he was banned from boarding any plane destined for Kenya or any other African country, the international airlines citing a red alert from the Kenyan government. Miguna has been a fierce critic of the Kenyan authorities since the melee especially on social platforms.