Pastor Ng’ang’a is on our radar — KFCB Boss Ezekiel Mutua

Neno's Pastor James Ng'ang'a and KFCB CEO Ezekiel Mutua. [Photo/File]

Pastor Ng’ang’a is on our radar — KFCB Boss Ezekiel Mutua

Kenya’s morality chief the Chief Executive of Kenya Film Classification Board Ezekiel Mutua on Thursday blasted Neno Evangelism Pastor Ng’ang’a over his recent trending videos.

Mutua who was speaking from Mombasa, said they have been monitoring Ng’ang’a for some time now and if no authority will take action they(KFCB) will move in.

“We hope that somebody is working on it because if they don’t then we will move in. They need to come forward and say that this practice is not ok, they need to self-regulate before the government comes in,” he said.

The Mutua worded rant also cautioned upcoming men of God in the city who practice rogue tendencies in the name of serving the almighty.

“Much as government should not regulate churches, the conduct of the pastor must be called to account, you will not be allowed to con people publicly in the name of a pastor,” he added.


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