OkoaMia: How to get a loan without a loan app

OkoaMia: How to get a loan without a loan app
OkoaMia: How to get a loan without a loan app

OkoaMia: How to get a loan without a loan app

According to UNICEF approximately 46% of Kenyan population lives below the poverty line. According to CAK we enjoy a mobile penetration greater than 90%. It is therefore imperative we pose a few questions; 1. How many Kenyans sleep hungry? 2.Is it possible that our productivity is hampered by lack of credit?  3. Is it possible to have a sustainable ubiquitous credit line?

OkoaMia answers to these questions lead to the birth of OkoaMia. A mobile platform running on USSD offering credit of KES. 100 (appx. 1$) to 900 and available to all (see eligibility section).

Now because of this platform, a family or three can sleep satisfied, a boda boda rider can carry commuters for more 80Km, a student can have unlimited internet for more than three hours, a mother can buy medicine for her sick child, an employee can commute  (the list goes on and on).

How do I get a loan?

Getting a loan on OkoaMia is as easy as sending kes.5 to our paybill (519608) and using your ID number as the account name and you immediately receive your KES. 100 loan.
Alternatively, you can dial *628# and follow the prompts through to borrow menu option.

How much can I get?

With OkoaMia you can borrow up to a maximum of KES.900. This applies through the process of loan graduation, where you qualify for a specified amount by borrowing five (5) times at a lower loan level and eventually graduating to the next loan level.
For instance, you start at kes.100 and borrows five (5) times to qualify for a KES.200 where you borrow another five (5) times and qualify for a KES.300 and so on forth… eventually graduating for a KES. 900.

How will I receive the loan?

Currently your OkoaMia loan will be deposited to your Mpesa account that you used to send your acceptance fee

How do I Pay?

To pay for an OkoaMia loan you simply dial *628# and choose option one (1) – pay loan. Follow the prompts that follow to complete your loan repayment process.
Alternatively, you could send the loan balance (as indicated on the pay option) to our paybill (519608) and use your mobile number or ID number as your account name to pay for your loan.