Nice guys aren’t necessarily good men know the difference

Nice guys aren’t necessarily good men know the difference

Every heartbroken, crushed and good-hearted girls have been here. They have all met that charming and irresistible man that they fell in love with head over heels. But, when they are all asked what made/makes the guy special, the answer is the same “he’s a nice guy”.

What is this nice guy syndrome? Ladies, there is nothing like a nice guy. He is either good or bad. After all, nice is just relative and no lady deserve a relative substance.

There is a huge difference between a nice guy and a good man, so if you have never paid close attention to that, this article is here to help you know the difference.

A nice guy is charming, irresistible, insatiable. He will tell you everything you want to hear and won’t hesitate to lie to you especially when he has something ugly to hide from you.

A good man will speak the truth, regardless of whether he’s going to hurt your feelings.  by telling you the truth he believes that integrity and honesty is more important than comfort.

A nice guy will try to change who you are and try moulding you into a person that he can see himself with. This will make you as a woman to live your life trying to please him while a good man will love you for who you are and respect your individuality.

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A nice guy will treat you like a girl of convenience, only make contact when he’s in dire need of something from you knowing that you will never say no to him and after that disappear until next time.

A good man, on the other hand, will value you and won’t leave you hanging not label things when he has the answers. He clearly knows what he wants and will not waste your time.

A nice guy is accustomed to an easy life, he is given a simple task but instead of doing it to the best of his capability, he will take a  shortcut. He doesn’t believe in self-development.

A good man, on the other hand, is fully committed to the simple tasks that are laid before him. He knows that there are no shortcuts in life and that he must work for his self-growth and development.

A nice guy will never apologize for his mistakes, in fact, he will shift blame to other people. He is one of those guys who will run away if they get you pregnant because they can’t own up to there mistakes.

A good man will apologize when wrong and will own up to his mistakes. Apart from just owning up, he has a solution to solve the problem, he is a problem solver.

There you go, never get deceived by a nice guy, after all, nice is relative.