List of African Countries Without First Ladies

Hafidh Ameir, President Samia's husband, is Tanzania's first gentleman.

President Samia Suluhu Hassan

List of African Countries Without First Ladies

A first lady is the wife of a country’s president or head of state.

They often use their influence to empower women, children, and other sections of the citizenry.

There are countries that may lack occupants of the office of the first lady for various reasons.

The following African countries do not have first ladies;

1. The United Republic of Tanzania

    1. The United Republic of Tanzania is one of the two countries in Africa with a female president.
    2. President Samia Suluhu Hassan took over as acting president after the shocking death of 5th president John Magufuli.
    3. Suluhu Hassan then vice president, took up the solemn role of informing a distraught Tanzania that their leader was no more.
    4. In a meticulous transfer of power, Samia Hassan took over the reins and is currently seeing out Magufuli’s term.
    5. The power shift saw Hafidh Ameir, President Samia’s husband, become Tanzania’s first gentleman.


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2. The Federal Republic of Ethiopia

    1. The Federal Republic of Ethiopia is one of the African countries with female presidents.
    2. ​Sahle-Work Zewde was elected the first woman elected as president in Ethiopia.
    3. Elected in 2018, president ​Sahle-Work Zewde became the ceremonious head of state.
    4. Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Ali presides over the government thereby assuming a more executive role.


3. The Kingdom of Morocco

    1. The Kingdom of Morocco is a North African monarchy ruled by a King.
    2. Mohammed VI (Muhamad Ben Al-Hassan) is the King of Morocco.
    3. King Mohammed VI was married to Salma Bennani who is by then a young computer science graduate.
    4. After the private wedding in 2002, Salma Bennani officially became Princess Lalla Salma.
    5. Inside the royal family, Princess Lalla Salma has been involved in capacities such as;
        1. Princess Lalla Salma Foundation to fight cancer.
        2. World Health Organization Goodwill Ambassador.