Likoni Ferry recovery mission pushed to Friday

Divers. [Photo/The Standard]

Likoni Ferry recovery mission pushed to Friday

Today marks five days since the vehicle carrying Mirriam Kighenda and daughter Amanda Mutheu plunged into the Indian Ocean at the Likoni ferry channel yet their remains still lay at the sea bed.

The recovery mission continued today (Thursday) but was slightly hampered by the morning rains that led to a stop of operations that will proceed on Friday.

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However, there is still hope for the Kighenda families after the government contracted the services of an international diver Swedish Volka Basel who was brought in by the Kenya Navy to help in the operation.

“Basically I got some more information today that I didn’t know yesterday. I must, first of all, commend the Kenya Navy and the divers for being down there many times,”  said Volka.

Volka further stated why the operation has been hectic going into the fifth day.

“What makes it really difficult is that there are other wreckages down there sunken boats and ships and cars from old times, that makes it really difficult to locate the vehicle but the main issue now is the rain,” he added.

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“If it rains the visibility goes to zero so you cannot see even the hand in front of your face, we knew it could be a problem but we didn’t anticipate that together with the strong current so what they are doing now is commendable they are heroes all of them,” he said.

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Volka said it will take him 15 minutes only to locate the car and the bodies and 2 hours to retrieve the vehicle from underwater, however, he will join the team tomorrow once he has assessed the situation.

“I am going to assess the situation then see how I can help them I have some ideas on how we can do the search better, once I have assessed and find the situation viable then tomorrow morning with my own boats and special gas to go deep and shark shield,” he said.

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However, in a later interview, Volka said, from the briefing he got, he was overly overconfident but the exercise might take more than an hour or less if the location of the car can be identified.