Tips for a newbie gym goer

Tips for a newbie gym goer

For a first time gym goes, the experience can be really daunting. This is because you will definitely find people with some amazing chiselled body and in good shape working out.

This could discourage you a bit especially if you are in no great shape but this shouldn’t deter you.

Always remember that they were once newbies and in your position. here are some tips to make your situation better.

Be in the right state of mind

Battles are won and lost in the mind. being in the right state of mind gives you the opportunity to stay positive and motivates you when you already feel like giving up.

Assess the gym before registering

This is one of the topmost important things that everyone planning to join a gym must do. When doing that talk to the instructors, assess the gym’s cleanliness. At the end of your sessions, you’d like to change in a clean facility

Assessing the gym also covers the modalities of distance. Chooses a gym that is close to your workplace or home. This helps avoid cases of you not working out in the name of distance.

While doing this, assess the types of equipment and ensure that they are in perfect condition and cannot cause injury

Consider the costs

Let’s face it, this is so crucial for anyone considering the gym option. Considering the costs help you plan and budget for the gym.

There is no point in starting out at a gym and quitting because you cannot afford it. Know the exact cost and plan for it.

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Work with a trainer

The one-on-one sessions are important as the trainer will show you what to do, equipment to use and help you work on your form and posture to avoid injuries. Whether you’re a newbie or a pro, proper form is a must. If you don’t do it right, you’ll get hurt.

A basic gym routine consists of moves that engage the whole body and includes squats, standing bicep curls, seated shoulder presses, stationary lunges, jumping jacks, full burpees and mountain climbers.

When starting out, you’ll experience muscle pain as your body is moving in ways it hasn’t before.

Muscle pain isn’t injury. It’s perfectly normal so don’t give up. Your body will eventually get used to it.

First month is spent on knowing your body

The first month is spent knowing your own body and how to use the gym equipment for your basic routine. In fact, you’ll gain between one to three kilogrammes in the first month. If you’re obsessed with the weighing scale, you’ll get discouraged yet your fitness level will have improved.

The trainer will incorporate more challenging moves and push you further. By the third month, you’ll have mastered the moves enough to work out without a trainer. Success at the gym is 20 percent trainer’s effort and 80 per cent trainee’s effort.