Should you schedule sex?

Should you schedule sex?

It might sound like the least romantic thing in the world to pencil in sexy time with your partner. But if you and your partner are game to try, there is no reason not to make a sex schedule.

For some couples, scheduling sex works really well, it gives them something to look forward to, they like the anticipation, they like feeling prioritized. To other couples scheduling, sex feels horrible to them. It feels like sex is transactional and just another item on their to-do list.

Scheduling sex can help couples that want to be having sex but just can’t find the time, it can make things worse for some.

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If there are relationship issues or psychological issues such as stress or anxiety, then scheduling sex might just add to the pressure.

As for when to schedule the sex, the best time is probably the time when you are least likely to be pulled away by life’s obligations. One of the perks of rise-and-shine sex is that testosterone levels are highest in the morning, and this hormone drives sexual desire. On the other hand, tuck-you-in sex could help lull you to sleep, as hormones released during orgasm could help you relax and feel tired.

So yes, if the solution to you and your partner having sex requires you to schedule it, then it’s ok.