Health benefits of chocolates

Research has shown that dark chocolates have numerous health benefits to the human body.

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In Brief

Cacao beans have an intense bitter taste which makes the real chocolates really bitter.

– Research has shown that dark chocolates got great health benefits to the body.

Antidepressants, Sleep enhancer and relaxer

Chocolates are made from cacao beans that are roasted, cracked and winnowed and processed into these sweet treats. Cacao beans have an intense bitter taste, which is mostly why they are processed to make chocolates sweeter.

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According to researchers from University College London, people who eat dark chocolate are less likely to be depressed.

In the study, the team looked at data from 13,626 adults, including their chocolate consumption, depressive symptoms, and a range of other factors including their height, physical activity and any other chronic health problems.

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The analysis of the data revealed that the participants who reported eating dark chocolate in two 24-hour periods had 70 per cent lower odds of reporting depressive symptoms than those who didn’t eat chocolate at all.

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Apart from reducing depression, dark chocolate also help with the production of serotonin in the body.

When serotonin is released in the body, it boosts the production of melatonin which is a sleep trigger, its the hormone responsible for sleep regulation.