Facts about sex in long term relationships

Facts about sex in long term relationships

There is a huge difference between casual sex and having sex in a committed relationship.

A committed relationship is already defined and there is an end goal. You can either be a married couple or are probably on your way to the alter.

When it comes to sex, there are different dynamics to it depending on the level of the relationship. This article seeks to delve on the facts about sex when in a committed relationship.

People in committed relationships have more sex

This is the plus side of being in a committed relationship or better still married. Sex is frequent in these relationships.

The downside when the sex stops is that self-doubt starts to creep in but its something that the parties can talk about.

Committed relationship sex is better than casual sex

Committed relationships and marriages sex is actually better than casual sex.

That’s particularly true for women, who are twice as likely to have orgasms in committed relationships, compared to casual hook-ups. One of the reasons for that could be that they feel more comfortable asking their partner for what they need and want in bed to get satisfaction.

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Dissatisfaction with sex lives

Most people in committed relationships are more dissatisfied with their sex life after a while. The main reason and cause of this is the fact that most couples relax after they get married.

Travelling together equals better sex

The more you travel with your partner, the better your sex will be, a study found. Your sex life can even stay better after taking a trip together; exploring the world together can permanently improve your bedroom adventures.